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Chapter 552: Hes Here To Announce The Results

Furthermore, Yue Ze did not say what he wanted to clarify on Weibo.

He only said that Su Bei had an event tonight.

The so-called clarification was just everyones imagination.

“Everyone, if youre not interested in Su Beis activities, you can leave now.

If youre still willing to interview Su Bei on her work, then we welcome you to stay.

Thank you for your cooperation.” Yue Ze extended his hand and made an inviting gesture.

Outside, there was also staff who immediately cleared a path for them.

In any case, Yue Ze would not feel regretful if a couple of reporters stepped out.

The entire event would be published online later.

A bunch of reporters felt cheated, but they were unwilling to leave.

They specially made time to come over, so they naturally wanted to know how Su Bei would respond to so many rumors.

Even if they couldnt get an interview today, it was better than returning empty-handed.

Hence, after some consideration, none of the reporters left.

Yue Ze adjusted his glasses.

“Since thats the case, lets begin.

I hope that everyone who has chosen to stay behind will show us your support.”

Su Huixian and Qiu Minxuan stood in a corner and quietly watched this scene.

They had already prepared a huge gift for Su Bei.

They would only act when the event reached its peak.

A few other models also came to the scene and were quietly watching how the situation developed.

The rise and fall of Su Beis popularity were related to their own interests.

Everyone wanted Su Bei to be stepped on.

The rules of survival in the entertainment industry were that simple.

The strong preyed on the weak, and it was a matter of life and death.

When Yue Ze saw that it was about time, he smiled and said, “Then, let us all welcome the famous director in America, Mr.

Gibson, who will announce the person chosen to be in Dream Jewelrys commercial this year.”

All the models were stunned.

Director Gibson was here to announce the news about Dream Jewelry Why wasnt there any news about it

All the models here had gone to audition for Dream Jewelrys commercial.

Unfortunately, there was no news after that.

Today, he was here to announce the results

However, everyone scoffed.

It seemed that the role had already been reserved for Su Bei.

Unfortunately, the public had already seen photos of Director Gibson and Su Bei eating and drinking in private.

Even if he were to announce it now, it would be hard for anyone to believe the legitimacy of the audition process.

The public would only think that Su Beis methods were too brilliant.

Director Gibson was about to leave S Country and return to America before this event.

However, when he heard that their meal had caused Su Bei to be in a predicament, he agreed to stay for two more days.

He walked to the stage and opened his arms.

He said to Su Bei, “Su Bei, we meet again.”

His body language was a little exaggerated as he hugged Su Bei.

The hug caused another uproar in the audience.

Many reporters quickly recorded this scene.

They would have a lot to write about! Things were already like this, yet Su Bei and Director Gibson werent doing anything to avoid suspicion.

They deserved to be splashed with dirty water!

Director Gibson stood on the stage and spoke fluently in S Countrys language, “As everyone knows, more than ten days ago, I oversaw the audition for Dream Jewelry in America to select a model for Dream Jewelrys commercial.

At that time, many people came for the audition, including Su Bei.

Now, I want to announce that the model chosen to be in Dream Jewelrys commercial is—Su Bei!”

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