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“Just because your wife didnt come back, youre stopping me from finding a lovely wife.

Its so unfair!” Gun Gun wiped his tears and kicked his short legs in frustration.

Lu Weijian realized that all this fuss was about his sister-in-law.

After Lu Heting left the bedroom, he went in and flicked Gun Guns forehead.

“As your uncle, I want to help you, but you deserve to be punished! Why did you mention his wife”

“Weijian, get out!” Lu Heting snapped from outside the bedroom.

Lu Weijian was so scared that he rushed out immediately.

“Brother, did Gun Gun ruin your meeting with my sister-in-law He just wanted to see her.

He looked so pitiful that I gave in, but I didnt expect—”

“She had no idea that Gun Gun existed,” Lu Heting interrupted, giving him a hard kick.

Hearing that, Lu Weijian froze.

How could his sister-in-law not know about Gun Guns existence

In that case, he had really made a huge mistake!

“Brother…” His knees began trembling in fear.

Seeing his brother walk into the study, he hurriedly followed him.

“Anything else”

Lu Weijian had put on a sad face.

“Brother, its something very important.

Otherwise, I wouldnt disturb you like this.”

“Just spit it out.”

“You know that hackers have always been trying to attack our companys systems.

Its normal.

In the past decade, weve been dealing with an average of 30, 000 attacks every day.

Thats the reason we hired our cybersecurity specialists.

But over the past few days, there has been a particularly fierce hacker attacking us.

Our engineers were almost unable to defend against it.

Brother, you have to do something!”

Lu Heting unhurriedly turned on the computer and rolled up his sleeves.

There was a calm expression on his face, and a faint smile hanging on his lips.

Seeing that, Lu Weijian knew that his brother was going to bring out the big guns, so he threw his fist up excitedly and said, “Ha, you cant escape! My brother is about to take out his sword of justice!”

In the bedroom, Gun Gun kept crying.

But after a while, his throat was dry and rough, so he went over to the table, grabbed his water bottle, and took a few sips of water.

A box on the table caught his attention.

He picked it up and looked at it.

There was nothing in it, but on the wrapping paper was a series of numbers.

After reading them one by one, he found two simple words written behind the numbers.

He recognized the two words as he spelled them out.

“S-U B-E-I Su Bei Bei Bei Its Bei Beis number!”

He immediately smiled through tears, grabbed his smart watch, and dialed the number.

Sitting on the sofa, Su Bei was exceptionally depressed.

She had gone through too much in one day, and she was emotionally exhausted.

When she heard the phone ring, she hesitated for a while before answering it.

“Bei Bei!”

A sweet childish voice came through the phone.

It took a moment for her to recognize the voice.

“Gun Gun, why are you calling me”

“Bei Bei, its really you! I found your phone number on a box.

I miss you so much… Daddy is a really bad guy.

He didnt allow me to stay with you!”

Su Bei burst into laughter.

Gun Gun was such a cute little boy! Her own son, Da Bao, was very sensible and mature for his age, so he had never cried or laughed wantonly as Gun Gun did.

“Your daddy is right.

You cant just blindly chase after every beautiful girl you see.

What if she turns out to be a wolf in sheeps clothing”


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