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Chapter 548: Just Wait For Your Death

He was really regretful and frustrated.

This daughter was so considerate and filial, far better than Su Bei who didnt have a good temper.

Why did he insist on being good to Su Bei back then and even show her so much concern

He picked up the cup of tea and said, “Huixian, you dont have to be afraid.

The Du family wont break off your engagement.

If anyone dares to say that youre the daughter of a mistress in the future, Ill break their legs! Butler, send out invitations immediately.

I want everyone to know that Zhiqin is my lawfully wedded wife! She married me and joined the Su family by following all the proper procedures.”

Xu Zhiqin smiled.

She had been waiting for this moment a long time ago.

Su Huixian glanced at Xu Zhiqin and felt at ease.

Both mother and daughter had wanted official statuses for a very long time.

It was just that Su Xingfu had always felt bad for his first wife, so he rarely defended them.

This time, after obtaining his approval, Su Beis reputation was about to be ruined.

Su Huixian secretly asked Xu Zhiqin, “Did you burn that thing”

“I burned it long ago.

I burned it myself,” Xu Zhiqin said.

That thing was the most important part of their plan.

Only when that thing was gone could they do whatever they wanted.

Su Huixian was relieved.

‘Su Bei, just wait for your death!

The scandal between Su Bei and Jiang Hong had yet to be clarified when rumors about Su Bei and Director Gibson spread online.

The matter of Director Gibson holding auditions for a commercial for Dream was previously widely circulated.

Su Bei happened to have withdrawn from the industry then, but photos of Su Bei and Director Gibson eating together were suddenly released at this moment.

This made all the models who participated in the audition but did not receive any notice feel extremely unhappy.

What happened to fair auditions What happened to fair choices They still lost to Su Bei who made dealings in private

As a result, Su Beis reputation plummeted.

Even though she had turned the tables countless times in the past, now that she was encountering the same situation again, there were lots of people who did not know what the truth was.

[No one in the entertainment industry is a good person, just look at Su Bei! Shes the worst!”

[The person above, arent you generalizing You cant scold others just because of Su Bei alone, right This is unfair to others.]

[Others cant talk about what Su Bei has done Who was the one who had a meal with a judge Who was the one who drank with the director at such a crucial moment Su Bei is really one of a kind.]

[I have to say, the person above is right.

Su Bei has really disappointed me this time!]

Then, another piece of news appeared.

A middle-aged woman with the surname Wang suddenly stepped forward and criticized Su Beis mother.

Many years ago, Su Beis mother came in between her family and marriage, causing her relationship with her husband to fall apart.

Even now, she was still deeply affected by the incident back then and could not leave her house with her head held high.

This was really an explosive piece of news.

Soon, the masses flooded her Weibo.

Many people asked: [Why are you talking about something that happened so many years ago now]

[Is that true But as far as we know, Su Beis mother has been dead for many years.]

[Do you have any evidence Why are you jumping out now Dont you think that things now are messy enough]

Madam Wang said openly: [The reason why Im talking about something that happened so many years ago is because of what Su Bei is doing now.

It reminds me of my pain when her mother wrecked my family.

Most importantly, Su Bei must be the product of my husbands affair with her mother!]

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