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Chapter 544: Things Got Messier

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“Try your best to keep him here.

When the clarification is made, say that Su Bei has gotten Dreams commercial.”

At this moment, Tang Xinru did not have the time to investigate who released such information.

She could only solve the problem first.

Yue Ze immediately called Director Gibson.

At the same time, he called Jiang Hong as well.

Jiang Hong was sitting with the rest of the judges, conducting a comprehensive evaluation of this years models.

There was a lot of controversy regarding Su Huixian and Su Bei.

The other three judges did not like Su Beis work attitude.

“I heard that Su Bei has never had proper plans for her career.

Every time she takes on a job, shell only look at the amount of money.

The shorter and easier the work, the better for her.

She rejects any job that requires a long-term commitment.

I dont think shes worthy of this honor.”

“I agree.

Not to mention, she previously wanted to leave the modeling industry for no reason and came back without a word.

Its obvious she treats her work as childs play.

With such an attitude and work style, I dont think she should be a role model.

Especially since she has always had a lot of scandals and is always trending on various hot searches.

Everyone, dont forget that she was also involved in the scandal of being a mistress.”

Jiang Hong had a different opinion.

“I heard that Su Bei quit because of her health.

Even during the ten days that she quit, she still participated in an audition for a commercial.

To me, Su Beis performance is perfect.

Her stage presence is very stable.

The shows she participated in are good learning material for the younger generation and newcomers.

Therefore, I want to give her this honor.

As for the rumors, Su Bei has already clarified all of them.”

Jiang Hong had a different opinion.

“Ive already heard that Su Bei quit because of her health.

Even during the ten days that she quit, she had a job in America and participated in the audition for the advertisement.

To me, Su Beis performance was perfect.

Her stage presence was very stable and she had a breakthrough.

The shows she went through were worth learning from the younger generation and newcomers.

Therefore, I want to give her this honor.

As for the rumors, Su Bei has already completely clarified it.”

Everyone argued fiercely.

Just then, one of the older judges opened Weibo and showed the photos to everyone.

“Jiang Hong, I remember that during the selection, the judges arent allowed to meet the models privately”

The other two judges could not help but look at him, their eyes filled with doubt.

It was as if these photos explained why Jiang Hong was fighting so hard for Su Bei and why he was standing against everyone.

Jiang Hongs expression also changed slightly.

He clearly didnt expect someone to interpret a short meeting this way.

He blurted out, “Su Bei and I are not friends in private.

That was the first time we met.”

It wasnt that the three judges didnt believe him but the evidence was right in front of them.

They were a little disappointed with this young judge.

They didnt dare to casually make a decision on the matter of knowing a person for a long time.

Jiang Hong could see everyones doubts and said, “Seniors, dont worry.

Ill not bring dishonor to the organizing committee, nor will I let this award lose its credibility.”

Jiang Hong walked out, and Yue Ze called.

The two of them had a simple exchange.


Lets clear this up tonight with Director Gibson.”

Only then did Jiang Hong return to his senses.

He suddenly recalled Su Beis previous scandals and understood that this circle was much more chaotic than during his time.

This made him firmly believe in Su Bei and he wanted to give her this honor.

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