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Chapter 541: Getting Someone To Mediate

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Su Bei secretly nodded her head.

No wonder she felt a trace of familiarity when she saw him just now.

She remembered that she had watched his runway videos before and studied his performance.

Director Gibson liked Su Bei very much and immediately said to Jiang Hong, “Old friend, let me introduce you to a talent with a lot of potential.

This is the female lead of my commercial, Su Bei.

Shes in the same profession as you were in the past.

Come, lets get to know each other.

Lets have a drink.”

“Nice to meet you, senior!” Su Bei politely stood up and shook hands with Jiang Hong.

She then raised her glass and gave him a toast.

Jiang Hong politely exchanged a few words with his junior before bidding farewell to Director Gibson.

This was because he was one of the judges for this years Top Ten Model Awards.

Although the organizing committee hadnt announced it yet, he should avoid arousing suspicion and shouldnt meet the models in private.

Even so, he felt that the person his old friend, Director Gibson, approved of wouldnt be too bad.

Yue Ze and Su Bei did not take this to heart.

Su Beis etiquette was impeccable when meeting her seniors at social events.

Furthermore, he and Su Bei both had their own work to attend to.

However, someone was secretly filming the scene outside the window.

The paparazzi used high-tech filming equipment to capture the images silently.

Very soon, Su Huixian, who was far away in Qian Yu Entertainment Company, received these images.

She had recently gotten people to take photos of Su Beis private life, but the paparazzi did not have any results even after a few days.

This was because every time Su Bei went out, she would disguise herself—including the times she bought a watch and when she went to print a photo with Lu Heting.

As for where she lived, although it was still in the normal neighborhood, Lu Heting had already arranged for people to take care of the area.

As long as any suspicious people approached, they would be notified of it.

Lu Hang would also have the bodyguards immediately make a move.

No random person was allowed to enter.

Not to mention, ever since Lu Heting moved in, the management of the building had been replaced.

Currently, the management was basically working for Lu Heting.

The paparazzi Su Huixian had spent money on only had their first chance to take photos of Su Bei on this evening.

Qiu Minxuan took a look at the photos and said, “It must be a business dinner.

Su Bei has her agent with her, and this foreigner also has an assistant.

Wait, is this foreigner Director Gibson Could it be that Su Bei has already passed the audition”

It took her some time to recognize the man.

Su Huixian did not participate in the audition last time.

Instead, she arranged for two new models to go.

Su Huixian lowered her head and said, “Didnt Zhong Xiu say that Su Bei didnt have good results in the audition Could it be that Su Bei is making a private deal to get the job Also, isnt this man Jiang Hong”

The paparazzi had been following Su Bei for a long time, but all the person got was useless information.

It made Su Huixian feel unhappy.

After Qiu Minxuan picked up a phone call, she said, “Huixian, Ive found out some concrete information.

There are four judges for this years Top Ten Model Awards.

One of them is Jiang Hong! No wonder Su Bei was drinking with him tonight.

It turns out that she and Yue Ze received the news beforehand and went to look for Jiang Hong to get in cahoots with each other!

“Should we look for him to do the same However, rumors have it that Jiang Hong and his wife are very loving.

He would never do anything inappropriate! I guess it means we can only spend money to look for him”

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