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‘Da Bao, Im sorry.

I brought you into this world, but I cant be with you while you grow up, let alone give you a complete family.

Regret and sadness were written all over her face.

Now, she had no choice but to find another way to make sure that Da Bao grew up in a good home.

Just as she was about to leave, something grabbed onto her leg.

She looked down and found Lu Hetings son raised his head and blinked his eyes at her.

It suddenly occurred to her that she had seen this boy before.

He was the one who had given her a bottle of milk in the pharmacy that day.

At that time, she had liked him very much because he reminded her of the child she had lost.

She still remembered that his name was Gun Gun.

But what a coincidence that he was Lu Hetings son!

As she stared back at him, his gaze melted her heart.

Lu Heting hadnt done anything wrong, and this child was also innocent.

She said gently, “Gun Gun, go back to your daddy.

Im leaving.”

“Big sister, its really you! Im Gun Gun! Dont you remember me I missed you so much!” The boy held onto her with a warm smile.

Su Bei chuckled in response, but her smile didnt quite reach her eyes.

“Bei Bei, did you miss me too Did you drink that milk I forgot to ask you for your phone number last time.” In order to talk to her, Gun Gun had to crane his neck all the time, which was difficult for him.

He spread his arms wide and kept waving for her to pick him up.

Su Bei had no choice but to pick him up before saying softly, “Gun Gun, I have something else to do.

I have to go.”

“But you havent given me your phone number yet.

Bei Bei, give it to me.

Ill call you!” Gun Gun said earnestly.

However, Su Bei was not in the mood to entertain him.

This whole day, her mood had risen and fallen several times, as if she was riding a roller coaster.

She had no energy left to put up a strong front anymore.

She laughed and shook her head, lifting the corners of her red lips.

“Gun Gun, you should go back to your daddy.”

“No, I wont! I want Bei Bei! Daddy is too fierce.

I dont like him.

I want Bei Bei!” Gun Gun refused to let go of her.


Lu!” Su Bei walked over and handed him to Lu Heting, who had been standing aside and watching the two of them.

As Lu Heting took over the crying Gun Gun, he said in a low voice, “Im sorry, Su Bei.”

“Its okay.” With a faint smile on her lips, Su Bei turned around and strode away.

On the way back to Lu Hu International Villa, Gun Gun kept rolling around in the back seat.

“I want Bei Bei! I dont want to go home.

Argh, Im so angry!”

“Is she the girl you met last time” Lu Heting asked with a helpless sigh.

He hadnt told Su Bei about Gun Gun yet.

He hadnt expected his son to show up suddenly.

“Yeah! But you didnt keep your promise.

Last time, you promised me that I could marry Bei Bei, but you changed your mind and separated us today.

You broke your promise!”

Lu Heting dragged him out of the car and all the way to the living room.

Lu Weijian jumped up from the sofa and said, “Brother, how did Gun Gun piss you off Whatever it is, dont treat him like this!”

In fact, it would have been better if he had just stayed quiet, because his words only added fuel to the fire.

Lu Hetings face darkened.

He directly took Gun Gun upstairs and put him down on the bed.

“Lu Gecheng, Ill give you half an hour.

Can you calm down by then”

“No, I want Bei Bei.

I just want Bei Bei…”

“Then Ill only give you ten minutes!” Lu Heting brought over an alarm clock and set the timer.


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