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Chapter 539: These Jobs Were Offered Long Ago

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“I just realized it! Its the man who paid for the bill yesterday! Its the husband of that beautiful woman!”

“What the f*ck What drama is this Yesterday, he paid the bill for the beautiful woman, and today, hes accompanying a guy to the mall.

Is this really true Who has that beautiful womans phone number I want to report it to her!”

While everyone was talking, Lu Heting lowered his head and kissed Su Bei on the lips.

The beautiful scene only made the young women in the shop even more excited.

“Can I still believe in love Boo-hoo! Everythings ruined now!”

“I have no faith in this world anymore.”

“My values are destroyed!”

“My eyes!”

Before the crowd could finish their wails, Lu Heting left the scene of chaos with Su Bei in his arms.

His protective attitude made everyone feel that their worldview had collapsed, but they had to acknowledge that the two made a beautiful scene… It was really contradictory.

Su Bei went to an automated printer and printed out Lu Hetings photo.

“Ill put this in my purse.”

“Alright.” Lu Heting caressed Su Beis hair.

She was wearing a wig, so it didnt feel as good as her real hair.

Even so, it was better than nothing.

Many pairs of eyes were looking at them.

Some of their gazes lingered on Su Bei for a long time.

Lu Heting couldnt stay in this mall anymore.

It was safer to take her away.

After Su Bei got back to work, her schedule was not as relaxed as before.

Fortunately, Da Bao and Gun Gun had calmed down by now.

The two munchkins seemed to have matured after experiencing life and death.

Gun Gun, in particular, had grown closer to Su Bei now.

Su Bei and Hao Jiali were participating in an event in the company together.

During the event, the questions asked by the reporters were all related to the Top Ten Model Awards.

“Su Bei, Jiali, what do you think is the most important thing for a model”

Hao Jiali immediately smiled and said, “I think its hard work and diligence.

Only when you put your work first and work hard will you live up to the expectations of your fans and the audience.”

She glanced at Su Bei and said, “If a model is lazy, I dont think she can become a good model even if shes lucky.

Dont you think so, Su Bei”

It was obvious that Hao Jialis words were directed at Su Bei.

However, Su Bei was good at keeping her composure, so she maintained a smile on her face.

She didnt seem to be offended at all, and it was as if the two were old friends chatting.

In this industry, everyone was smart enough to keep their mouths shut in front of reporters.

“Yes, youre right,” Su Bei agreed.

Then, she added, “Thats why my schedule will be more packed from now on.

I hope everyone will show your support for me.”

“Su Bei, why did you quit before Why did you decide to come back to the industry Can you tell the reporters” Hao Jiali asked.

Su Bei smiled and said, “Modelling is the career I love most.

Im sorry for my temporary withdrawal.

I hope everyone will pay more attention to my future work.”

Yue Ze stopped the reporters and directly slapped Hao Jiali in the face with his next words.

“Su Bei will be participating in the shooting of the cover of the new Beauty magazine.

Shell also be participating in several big shows and activities of several brands.

These are all the jobs that were offered to Su Bei long ago.

The reason why she cant quit is that everyone is cheering for her..

If she leaves, itll be a great regret for the modeling world.”

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