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Chapter 529: Beautiful Women Were A Source Of Trouble

However, when they remembered the voice that sounded from Lu Hetings phone, everyone was confused.

What was going on


Lu has a girlfriend A wife”

“Didnt he always have one The one who has lived in the legends for five years, but no one has ever seen her…” Someone hinted with their eyes.

“Then whats going on With Mr.

Lus status, shouldnt he have married a rich woman Shouldnt she be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with him Why did she ask him for money to buy things What the hell is going on”

“Is he a sugar daddy How can he do such a thing”

Everyone had a lot of doubts in their hearts.

Obviously, no one approved of the wife chosen by their boss.

It was just that since Lu Weijian was still sitting there, no one dared to say anything more.

Lu Weijian, on the other hand, sat up in shock.

Was Bei Bei asking Lu Heting for money Did she know about Lu Hetings identity Or did she just want him to pay the bill

But no matter what, it was a good thing.

It meant that Bei Bei and his brothers relationship had improved.

He knew it.

When he saw Lu Heting and Bei Bei before this, he had always felt that something was wrong between them.

They were husband and wife, but they didnt have the intimacy and codependency that ordinary couples had.

After coming back from the United States, they started to show signs of that.

Could it be that their relationship had been taken to the next level after going to the United States

The more Lu Weijian thought about it, the more he felt that his thoughts made sense.

He hurriedly looked outside.

Lu Heting was holding his phone.

Even the sight of his back made one able to sense his tenderness.

“Can you transfer some money to me I transferred all my money to your card before this and its in your drawer.

Im not sure if youve seen it”

When Lu Heting heard her words, he knew that she made all these arrangements because of her supposed gastric cancer.

Every time he thought of the pain she had to bear, he couldnt help but feel sorry for her.

She had taken on so much, but he hadnt done much.

“Which mall are you in”

Su Bei told him the name of the shopping mall and asked, “Is it inconvenient to transfer the money Forget it, then.

Ill just buy it next time.”

“Ill be right there.

Wait for me,” Lu Heting said.

Although he could transfer the money to her right now, nothing was more important than accompanying her.

After hanging up the phone, Lu Heting returned to the meeting room and said, “Thats all for today.

Meeting dismissed.”

The senior executives looked at each other in confusion.

Was it over just like that It was such a joyous occasion since they didnt have to face Lu Heting anymore.

Although they were relieved, they still felt a little depressed at the thought that Lu Heting was keeping a lover by his side.

Since ancient times, beautiful women had always been a source of trouble.

Even a country wouldnt be able to withstand a womans charms, let alone a company.

“Shes just his lover.

Hell get sick of her in a few days.

After all, hes a man.” Someone comforted the rest.

The senior executives of the company, who were mainly made up of men, nodded in unison when they heard this.

They all understood what it meant to be a man.

Lu Weijian really wanted to knock their heads and tell them that his brother was not a playboy.

He already had two children.

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