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Chapter 520: She Will Always Be Here

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Gun Gun was still crying, and his nose was red.

However, he believed in Da Baos words.

Besides, this was also the news he wanted to hear the most.

His childish voice was hoarse from crying.

He nodded heavily.

“Bei Bei isnt leaving!”

Su Beis heart ached for him.

“Lets go back to the room.

Ive bought a lot of things for you.

Da Bao and Gun Gun, you can sleep with me tonight, okay”

“Okay,” the two munchkins said in unison.

Su Bei held the two munchkins hands and walked into the room.

“Bei Bei…” Lu Weijian reached out his hand.

Lu Heting slapped his hand away, and Lu Weijian went back to hugging his leg.



Aunt Chen, who was standing aside, felt relieved.

With Su Bei around, this family would be full of warmth.

“…” Lu Heting gave Lu Weijian a disgusted look.

“I bought you the latest card game and the figurine you havent bought yet.

Go and get them.”

“Brother, youre really my biological brother! Ive wanted them for a long time, but there are limited quantities and I could never get my hands on them!” He hugged Lu Hetings arm and kissed him wildly.

Lu Heting also took out the gift Su Bei had bought for Aunt Chen.

“Thank you so much.”

“Su Bei specially bought it for you,” Lu Heting emphasized.

Aunt Chen was very grateful.

Afterward, she packed up her things and went home to rest.

With the two munchkins by her side, Su Bei watched them cry until their eyes turned red.

Her heart ached for them, so she helped them wash their faces and applied some special skincare products on them until they calmed down.

“Bei Bei will never leave you.

Ill always be with you when you grow up, okay” Su Bei gently comforted them.

Gun Gun nodded seriously.

“Okay, pinky promise.”

“Okay, pinky promise.

Youre not allowed to leave for the next 100 years.

Whoever leaves is a dog!”

Su Bei hooked her pinky with theirs.

Gun Gun and Da Bao held Su Bei on each side and finally closed their eyes.

Lu Weijian and Aunt Chen had left.

The chaos in the house had also stopped.

Lu Heting looked around, put away Da Bao and Gun Guns belongings, and glanced at Su Beis room.

He pushed the door open.

The woman and two kids on the bed were already asleep.

His eyes were filled with love and affection.

He lowered his head and looked at the womans sleeping face.

His heart was full of deep happiness.

She was back.

She would always be here.

It felt so good.

The next day, Su Bei got up early and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for her two children.

As soon as Lu Heting got up, he saw Su Bei walking back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room.

With her around, he felt like there was sunshine everywhere.

His heart was filled with warmth.


Lu Heting stepped forward and hugged her.

He felt so relaxed when he smelled the scent of her hair.

“Do you want to eat half-boiled eggs or hard-boiled eggs” Su Bei leaned against his chest.

Actually, she was not in the mood to cook anymore, so she asked the question in a soft voice.

“Anything is fine.” As long as it was cooked by her, Lu Heting would find the food impeccable.

Yue Ze drove to Lv Shans house early in the morning to pick her up.

Lv Shan was carrying a small handbag.

Seeing him, both of them were in a heavy mood and didnt say much.

As soon as they got in the car, Yue Ze said, “Dont be too sad..

Think about the child in your belly.”

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