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Chapter 517: What Is Heaven

He immediately patted his chest and said, “Leave this matter to me.”

It would be easy to mediate the conflict between the two munchkins.

Lu Weijian walked into the master bedroom with Gun Gun in his arms.

He saw Da Bao standing there in a daze with red eyes.

The pain in his eyes did not seem to have been caused by a fight between children.

After a brief pause, Lu Weijian asked, “What happened”

Da Bao didnt respond to him at all.

Instead, he held the letter in his hand tightly.

There were creases in the letter.

“Brother Da Bao! Brother Da Bao!” Gun Gun shook Da Bao, trying to get him to let go of the letter.

But Da Bao acted as if he didnt hear anything.

“Let me see.” Lu Weijian reached out to take the letter.

Da Baos grip was so tight that it took Lu Weijian several tries to pull it away.

Da Bao still stood there without moving, as if his soul had left his body.

He was utterly stunned.

Lu Weijian read the letter in a hurry.

He didnt believe that there was anything in it that could make his two nephews fall into this state.

When he read the wordsI wasnt able to accompany you in your childhood because I had gastric cancer.

I was left without a choice, his mind went blank.

Was his sister-in-law suffering from gastric cancer Why hadnt he heard about this from his brother

“Bei Bei cant accompany us” Gun Gun tilted his head and asked, “Why Whats gastric cancer”

“Sister-in-law!” Lu Weijian put down the letter and hugged Gun Gun and Da Bao.

“Why has such luck befallen my two nephews My sister-in-law has just come back but shes already leaving!”

It was already ten oclock in the evening when Lu Heting and Su Bei got off the plane.

Su Bei wanted to call Da Bao and Gun Gun, but she had no choice but to hold it in as they were probably already in bed.

Lu Heting had already asked Lu Hang to park the car in the underground parking lot.

He went to get the car and went straight home with Su Bei afterward.

At this moment, there was no joy in the house.

Da Baos eyes were red and sparkling with tears as he sat on the sofa.

But he forced himself not to cry.

Lu Weijian was in a bad mood and crying non-stop.

Gun Guns round face was full of tears, but he still asked, “Whats heaven Can I take a plane to heaven Will Bei Bei come back to see us Or can we take the plane to heaven to see her”

Clutching his aching heart, Lu Weijian held Gun Gun in his arms.

His sister-in-law looked so healthy.

How could something like that happen It couldnt be!

What would happen to his two nephews and his brother in the future

More importantly, Lu Weijian could imagine that if his brother lost Su Bei, Lu Weijian would not have a good life in the future either.

Aunt Chen sat at the side, crying.

She had just found out what had happened.

She sat in the living room in a daze, feeling incredibly sad.

Beep! Beep! Beep! The house phone rang.

Someone was calling.

Could it be his sister-in-law She must be fine, right Lu Weijian rushed over and answered the phone.

It was Yue Ze.

“Is Su Bei here Im her manager, Yue Ze.

Please have her answer the phone.”

“What is it” Lu Weijian asked, crying bitterly.

Yue Ze was stunned.

He looked down at his phone to make sure that he hadnt dialed the wrong number.

He didnt expect that the man who answered the phone would speak in a breathless voice in between sobs.

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