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Chapter 513: To Love And Be Loved

Su Bei sat in front of the piano and looked out of the window as if she was waiting for her lover to come with a diamond ring.

As she looked out of the window, her fingers involuntarily fell on the piano keys.

Then, as her fingers unconsciously fell on the piano keys, she casually played a tune that she improvised.

She looked out of the window with a sincere expression on her face.

It was enough to move peoples hearts.

As Su Bei had done a lot of preparation work, she knew that Dreams target audience was mainly newlyweds.

Besides, the brand made some of the best diamond rings.

It was also because when she was with Lu Heting, she had been filled with love.

With every move she made, they could see that she was brimming with tenderness.

It was a kind of vitality.

To love and be loved was enough to move peoples hearts.

Director Gibson kept smiling while looking at Su Bei, but he looked at her just like how he looked at the other models.

At this moment, no one could tell from his expression if he was satisfied with Su Beis performance or not.

Only the staff knew that he must be satisfied.

Su Bei had been sitting in front of the piano for more than three minutes but he hadnt stopped her.

The other models outside were frequently looking at their watches.

Most of them couldnt stay for more than three minutes, while Su Bei had been inside for nearly five minutes.

“Is this for real What is she doing in there” Zhong Xiu asked with a frown.

Zhu Fenfen, on the other hand, was relaxed.

“Shes just good at stalling time.

But Director Gibson doesnt care about this.”

Although Hao Jiali appeared calm, she was no longer in a relaxed mood.

Inside the room, Director Gibson had yet to stop Su Bei.

Su Beis impromptu performance was gentle, beautiful, and full of joy.

It represented a young womans first taste of love.

Director Gibson had never heard this tune before.

He thought it was beautiful and wanted to keep listening to it.

He was very satisfied with Su Beis performance.

Other models were used to showing their nobility and perfection when they got their hands on jewelry.

Some of them could also show a sense of love, but there was nothing special about them.

Jewelry itself was noble and perfect.

It also symbolized love.

But was that all

Su Bei was different.

She was showing the beauty of being in love for the first time.

She expressed the tender feeling of being loved and even the desire to love someone.

It was not just about blindly experiencing the feeling of love and accepting it.

This was the feeling that Director Gibson wanted.

This was a feeling that none of the previous models expressed, but Su Bei did.

By the time the assistant reminded the director softly, eight minutes had passed.

As Su Bei sat in front of the piano, the smile on her face had not once faded.

She didnt look impatient or nervous at all.

It was as if she was just waiting for him to stop.

It was as if she had all the time in the world to sit here and play the piano for another half an hour.

Director Gibson knew that she had gotten the role.

She had already thought of herself as the woman she was acting.

If he didnt stop her, she would continue to be like this.

As a model, she showed a rare talent for acting.

Her performance had far exceeded Director Gibsons expectations.

“Cut!” Director Gibson finally stopped her.

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