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Chapter 512: Improvising

“Su Bei, why are you here” Hao Jiali restrained herself, but her voice was full of annoyance and doubt.

When Su Bei walked up to her, she stopped and looked at Hao Jiali.

“Why cant I be here Is this your house”

“Youve already quit! Why are you still here”

Su Bei found it funny.

“Thats my own decision regarding my job.

I can do as I please.

Do I need to report to you”

Hao Jiali was rendered speechless.

Of course, Su Bei was free to do as she wished.

However, how could she break her promise

Su Bei ignored her because it was her turn to audition soon.

Many models in front of them had already come out.

Like the first batch, they failed to stay for more than three minutes.

Su Bei walked in, feeling very relaxed.

Ever since she experienced the matter of life and death, she had become indifferent to a lot of things.

She felt that every day she was still alive was worth spending.

It would be a good thing if she could get the job, but if she couldnt, then she would continue to work hard nevertheless.

As long as she was alive, anything was possible.

As soon as she walked in, the director noticed her relaxed manner.

Actually, the ability of the models here were all comparable to one another.

The only difference was their attitudes.

Naturally, Su Beis attitude immediately caught the attention of Director Gibson.

However, he wouldnt make his decision just because of his first impression of her.

After all, even though there arent a hundred models with a good attitude, there were still at least 50.

Everything would boil down to Su Beis ability.

“In front of you are an array of jewelry.

Choose one and use it as a prop.

You only have ten seconds to choose,” Gibson said in English.

He was about to ask the interpreter to speak when Su Bei walked toward the jewelry.

Obviously, she could understand him, which made Director Gibson feel relieved.

All kinds of jewelry of different styles were placed in front of Su Bei.

They each had their own charm to them and dazzled peoples eyes.

For a moment, she did not know which one she should choose.

As they only had ten seconds, many would just randomly choose one.

However, Su Bei was immediately attracted to a diamond ring.

Perhaps it was because she had already thought of giving such a ring to the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

She chose the diamond ring.

Director Gibson said, “Use this to improvise until I tell you to stop.

Lets start now.”

“Okay.” Su Bei nodded.

She knew that the director wouldnt give her much time.

The people in front of her could only stay in the room for less than three minutes.

Most people wouldnt have the time or energy to think about what poses they were going to show.

An improvised performance was a huge test for many professional actors, let alone models who were not professionally good at it.

The audition was indeed a little difficult.

However, Su Bei had done some preparations for this audition.

She relaxed her mind.

She looked around and saw that there was a piano, a guitar, flowers, a computer, a table, a door, and a window on the stage.

They were all props that she could use.

She immediately put the diamond ring on the windowsill and lowered her eyes slightly as if she was waiting for something.

Then, her eyes fell on the window, and brilliant fireworks lit up in her eyes.

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