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Chapter 509: Life Is Good

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“Im fine,” Lv Shan said with a smile, “Heres the thing, I have an American friend who told me about an audition for an advertisement.

He said that the brand is looking for a suitable supermodel to shoot an advertisement for their jewelry.

I didnt want to call you at first.

After all, youve announced that youll be taking a break from work.

But this brand can do wonders in increasing your value.

Thats why Im calling to ask for your opinion.”

“Sure!” Su Bei agreed without hesitation.

Although she wanted to go home, she couldnt refuse such a good job.

Lv Shan was stunned.

Didnt she keep saying that she didnt want to take on any more jobs earlier

However, it was great that Su Bei was willing to accept this.

Lv Shan laughed and said, “Okay, Ill send you the information right away.

My friend will help you reach out to the other party.”

Su Bei nodded.

“Thank you, Lv Shan.”

After hanging up the phone, she realized that she hadnt asked Lu Heting for his opinion yet.

She immediately turned to Lu Heting and said, “Lv Shan introduced a good job to me.

I really want to take it.

That way, I can buy more good things for you and our sons.”

Lu Heting said gently, “Okay, Ill stay with you for one more day.”

“Lu Heting, youre the best!” Su Bei kissed him on the cheek and held his arm.

“Ill cook something delicious for you later.”

“As long as its a job you like, Ill support you unconditionally.”

Lu Heting lowered his eyes and looked at her with a smile.

He liked to see her relaxed face because this was the real her.

He picked her up and asked, “But, dont you have to call me something else by now”

“Hubby!” Su Beis little face was hidden by her seaweed-like hair.

The rays from the setting sun shone on her cheeks.

“Im going to the kitchen.”

She went to the kitchen and soon received the information regarding the audition from Lv Shan.

She also got her friend to confirm the details.

Holding the phone in her hand, Su Bei felt the blood in her body surging.

She could love the person she wanted to love and do what she wanted to do.

Life was so good!

She was about to put down her phone when Gun Gun called her.

Su Bei hurriedly answered the call.

“Gun Gun!”

“Bei Bei!” Gun Guns round face appeared on the screen.

He hugged the screen and kissed Su Bei.

“What time are you going to the airport tomorrow Ive already discussed it with Uncle.

Well go and pick you up.”

Su Bei sighed before saying, “I havent told you yet.

Your daddy and I will only be back two days later.

I received a new job offer at the last minute, so itll take us a while longer.

Im sorry, little baby.

Bei Bei wont be coming back as scheduled.”

Gun Gun was obviously a little disappointed.

He had never been separated from Su Bei for so long.

It had been more than ten days and he missed her terribly.

Even when he was eating, he was not as happy as when she was around.

Su Bei couldnt bear to see him like this.

Just as she was about to comfort him, he suddenly raised his eyes and said solemnly, “Daddy told me that a poet once said theres nothing more charming than professionalism.

Bei Bei, go and do what you like.”

Su Bei was so touched..

Gun Gun was incredibly considerate.

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