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Chapter 506: I Can See You

What Doctor Craig said was true, and Su Bei remembered it as well.

When Doctor Craig was on leave, she decided to come to the hospital on another day.

She didnt expect such a mistake to happen.

“Miss Su, after we mixed up the two of your reports, the woman never showed up again.

But you made repeated visits to inquire about your condition.

We only found out about this when we were organizing and reviewing the data not long ago.

When we checked the surveillance footage from back then, that was when we learned the truth.”


Craig was full of apologies, even though it was not his fault that this mistake was made.

“But we didnt dare to jump to conclusions.

To confirm which one of you has gastric cancer, we could only contact you to come for a follow-up examination.

We didnt dare to tell you the details in the middle of the examination in case we gave you false hope.

Thats why we waited for the final result to come out before we told you the truth.”

When Su Bei heard this, she understood everything.

She said, “I understand.

Thank you, Doctor Craig, for doing your job.”

“Its just that the woman didnt leave her real personal information on the form.

Now it seems that shes the patient with gastric cancer but we cant contact her.

I hope she has gone to another hospital for a check-up and treatment.

New treatment methods are available for her condition now.

I hope theyll work for her.”

Su Bei also felt sorry for this woman.

When she decided to steal other peoples information, she might not have thought so much about it.

Perhaps when she received the diagnosis report and saw that her condition was not serious, she did not bother much about it anymore.

It seemed that she had missed a lot of opportunities.

“Miss Su, you and that woman are both Asians.

If you happen to meet this woman in the future, please remind her of her condition,” Doctor Craig said.

However, he also knew that there were billions of Asians in the world, so the chances of Su Bei meeting that woman were very small.

Su Bei also understood that, but she still took a photo of the woman.

What if she ran into her What if she did not know about her condition

Doctor Craig specially brought out a few boxes of medicine and handed them to her.

“Im sorry for what happened this time.

I hope your stomach ulcer will recover soon.”

“I used to have a stomach ache every now and then.

I would feel really uncomfortable.

I thought it was because of gastric cancer… But it turns out that its a combination of stomach ulcer and psychological factors.” Su Bei was finally relieved.

Lu Heting carefully put the medicines into her bag.

After leaving the hospital, Su Bei was in a good mood.

Lu Heting had been holding her hand the whole time.

When they went downstairs, he picked her up horizontally.

“Im very healthy now.

I dont need to be carried anymore.”

“I need it,” Lu Heting said in a low voice.

He lowered his head and touched the tip of her nose.

Su Bei wrapped her arms around his neck and said, “Then you have to carry me back to the apartment, okay”


“Its better to have you piggyback me.

Its too tiring for you to carry me like this.” Su Bei couldnt bear to see him suffer.

“I can see you if I carry you like this.”

Su Bei smiled.

“Okay, then.

I like that I can see you too.”

“You were willing to come back before, but you refused to get open your heart to me.

Was it because you were sick” Thinking about it now, Lu Heting understood everything.

She had a plan for her career, him, and Da Bao.

Fortunately, she had not chosen a new wife for him.

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