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Chapter 505: Room For Doubt

Su Bei let go of Lin Yu and hugged Lu Heting tightly.

Could she finally love this man

Could she also accept his love

God really treated her well.

He gave her such a good husband, who kept himself reserved for her for five years.

Lu Hetings lips curved into a smile.

He rested his chin on Su Beis head and let her embrace him.

“Boss…” Lin Yu turned his head and saw Feng Ze walking out of the consultation room.

Lin Yu also walked out, not wanting to see this scene in front of him.

Gu Xifeng walked over and patted her head.

“Little Fifth Sister, since youre fine now, Ill take my leave first.”

“Go on with your work, Little Third Brother.

Ill come to see you next time.”

“Say hello to Da Bao for me.”

Hua Cuo reached out her hand, patted her red lips, and yawned elegantly.

“I still have to handle an economic dispute with a multinational company.

Bye, Su Bei.”

The crowd dispersed.

Lying in Lu Hetings arms, Su Bei wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled gently.

“Lu Heting, I want to kiss you.”

“Of course.” Lu Heting lowered his head and kissed her first.

The director and the person in charge of the department also left after seeing enough.

Lu Heting did not let go of her until he had kissed her enough.

He had never held her in such a steady and peaceful way before.

He said to Doctor Craig, “Will there be any errors in the diagnosis this time”

“No, Mr.


We did a thorough check-up and consulted all the doctors in the hospital.”

Lu Heting snorted.

“Your meticulousness still allows room for doubt.”

Doctor Craig could not refute.

Previously, it was indeed their fault that Su Bei was misdiagnosed.

However, he also needed to defend himself.


Lu, Miss Su, please sit down.

Ill tell you in detail why I misdiagnosed your condition.”

He turned on his computer and played a video.

It was surveillance footage of Su Bei coming to the hospital several times for a check-up.

One time, a masked woman came over.

While she was filling in the patients information form, she stole a glance at Su Beis personal information while Su Bei was not paying attention.

Then, she filled in Su Beis information on her form.

A few times when she took off her mask, an Asian face was revealed.

Later, she came to the consultation room to get the result.

Since the nurse was not good at distinguishing Asian faces and the contents of her report were the same as Su Beis, that woman was given Su Beis medical report.

From this, it could be inferred that the medical report Su Bei took was that womans.

“She used my information to fill out the form.

No wonder a mistake was made.”

Doctor Craig said, “Sometimes, we encounter such situations in our hospital.

If patients dont need insurance and pay for their own expenses, we dont really look into their identities.

Besides, this woman is also Asian.

The medical staff saw the similar symptoms and tests, so we ended up making a mistake.

“Im really sorry.

The week she came to the hospital, I was on a trip to another city.

It was another doctor who did the examination.

When I got the report, I made a mistake.”

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