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Chapter 494: A Dead Man From The Moment You Touched Su Bei

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Lin Yu had always respected Lin En, but at this moment, he slapped her hard across the face.

Feng Feifei was also angry.

“Its your own private matter that you like my brother, but its also his private matter that he likes Su Bei.

You attacked Su Xiaobei for your own selfish reasons.

Are you worthy of my brothers love”

“Yes, Im not worthy.

But neither is Su Bei.

No matter what, you cant get her back…”

Lu Hetings eyes darkened.

He took a few steps forward to the man who had been killed by Feng Ze.

He bent down, tore his clothes open, and placed them before the nose of the military dogs.

Lin Ens face darkened.

Lu Heting said in a flat voice, “You saw it yourself.

A piece of the mans clothes has been torn off.

Su Bei must be keeping it with her.

Youve removed Su Beis scent, but youve probably forgotten to remove this mans scent.”

As long as the dogs could track the scent of this mans clothes, then they could find Su Bei.

Su Bei was smart, but Lin En had ignored it.


Lu Heting ignored Lin En, turned around, and left with the people and the dogs.

“Lu Heting, Ill go with you.” Lin Yu quickly followed behind him.

Feng Feifei glanced at Lin En before following Lin Yu.

Just when Lin En thought that no one would do anything to her, Feng Ze said in a calm and unhurried voice, “Since youve been with me for several years, you should end your own life.”

“Boss…” Lin En did not expect Feng Ze to treat her like this.

When he threw the dagger at her, she thought that it was just a warning.

However, she did not expect that Feng Ze had already made up his mind to kill her then.

The reason why he did not do it himself was that he was taking into consideration the years she had worked for him.

“Are you really willing to do this for Su Bei” Lin En asked bitterly.

“The moment you laid a hand Su Bei, you were already a dead man.” With that, Feng Ze strode away.

Gu Xifeng and Hua Cuo followed behind him.

Neither of them spoke up for Lin En.

From the moment she treated other peoples lives as nothing, she had already given her life to Feng Ze.

This was the most chaotic city in Mexico.

And this was the busiest street in the city.

At least half of the people here were not documented.

Murderers and wanted criminals were hiding here hiding from the police.

Cases of petty thefts were even more common.

It could be said that no one here had clean hands.

They were all criminals.

Lin En had sent Su Bei here.

She was sure that Su Bei would never come out of this place.

Even if she made it out alive, she would be ruined.

Would Feng Ze still want her

At this moment, Lu Heting and everyone else were searching the bar.

They did not want to miss a single corner.

They were surrounded by drunkards with wine bottles in their hands.

These drunkards were not afraid of anything.

When they saw Feng Feifei and Hua Cuos faces, they could not help but lean closer to them.

It had been a long time since they had seen such youthful and beautiful faces in a place like this.

However, after taking a few punches from Feng Feifei and Hua Cuo, they restrained themselves a little.

When they saw that the people behind Lu Heting were all armed, they retreated far away.

But there was still greed in their eyes and they could not suppress it..

It seemed that they were waiting to see if any of them would be left alone, even if they were men.

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