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Chapter 490: Couldnt Protect His Wife

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Lu, weve retrieved all the surveillance footage around the area that you mentioned.

Were looking at them now.

We havent gotten any information about the woman in the photo you provided.”

“Send me the surveillance footage.”

Lu Heting received the surveillance footage and looked at it carefully.

There were even scenes of him and Su Bei appearing together yesterday, but there was no scene of Su Bei going out this morning.

Obviously, the surveillance footage had been tampered with.

Who could have tampered with the surveillance footage What did it have to do with Su Beis sudden departure

A name flashed through his mind, and he immediately went online to search for Lin Yus phone number.

Lin Yu was not Su Beis only friend in the United States.

Lu Heting knew this, but he didnt know the rest of Su Beis friends.

Now that he thought about it, Feng Feifei, Lin Yu, and Feng Ze were the only friends of Su Bei he had seen in person.

As for Feng Ze… Others might not know his identity, but Lu Heting knew that he was a mysterious existence.

In fact, he was a strong rival.

It was because Feng Ze was as excellent and capable as him.

Lin Yu was still asleep this early in the morning when his phone rang.

He grabbed his hair and asked, “Who is it”

“Lu Heting.”

“Lu… Lu Heting Why are you calling me I dont think we share that sort of close friendship, right”

Lin Yu wanted to complain.

It seemed that they were not just friends but also rivals in love.

Actually, Lu Heting was his boss rival in love.

No matter what, they were not on the same side.

Lu Heting said in a low voice, “Im in the United States with Su Bei.

This morning, she suddenly disappeared.

Im afraid that it has something to do with Feng Ze or his people.”

“Lu Heting, dont talk nonsense! Our boss is not that kind of person.

If he wanted to restrain Su Bei, he wouldnt have let her go back then and allowed her to do as she wished.

Even if he really wanted to make her stay, what does it have to do with you, Lu Heting” Lin Yu immediately felt indignant for Feng Ze, and he completely woke up from his sleep.

“But Su Bei has really vanished.”

“Thats your own fault.” Lin Yu snorted.

If Lu Heting had failed to protect his wife, why was he looking for him now

Lu Heting hung up the phone.

Lin Yu was so angry that he jumped out of bed.

“Hanging up on me Lu Heting, who do you think you are”

However, it was a big deal that Su Bei was gone.

Lin Yu could not sleep anymore.

He immediately called Feng Ze and said, “Boss, Su Bei went missing in the United States.”

There was no sound from the other end of the line, but Lin Yu felt a chill down his spine.

His boss was angry!

After hanging up the phone, Lu Heting asked someone to expand the search area.

If Su Bei had really been taken away by someone, the other party could tamper with the surveillance footage from around the area but they definitely wouldnt have the time or ability to tamper with all the surveillance footage.

Lu Heting logged into his computer as well and looked for Feng Zes current address.

In the past, Lu Heting had not been able to find out anything about Feng Ze, and Feng Ze had not been able to find out anything about him..

However, now that Da Bao was the key to their relationship, it was no longer difficult for them to find each other.

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