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Chapter 489: Late-stage Gastric Cancer

When Lu Heting woke up, he found that Su Bei was already gone.

The corners of his mouth curved into a smile as he recalled the feeling of having her in his arms.

In the past two days, he was lost in his happiness that he had forgotten to have his guard up.

After all, she had stayed here for several years.

Who would have thought that she would find herself in danger here

When he got up, he found that Su Bei was not in the apartment.

“Su Bei” Lu Heting called out her name.

When he found that her handbag and personal belongings were all in the apartment except her phone and keys, his first thought was that she had gone out to buy something.

He saw a lot of discarded papers in the garbage bin.

Although there was no sign that something had happened to Su Bei, Lu Heting still felt a little uneasy.

He immediately called Su Beis phone.

The automated voice sounded from the phone, notifying him that Su Beis phone was turned off.

Lu Heting did not have time to think about it.

He opened the file she had left on the desk, and a letter suddenly appeared in front of him.

In her elegant handwriting, she had written a few simple sentences: “Lu Heting, you deserve a better woman.

Get married soon.

All the best!”

These words made Lu Hetings eyes hurt.

Was she planning to leave again just like the last time when she left for five years

However, he subconsciously thought that things were not this simple.

After spending so much time with Su Bei, he knew that she was a responsible and good woman.

It was understandable why she left last time, but she would not leave for no reason this time around.

When he looked at the letter again, he immediately saw a few medical records.

It was all in English, but it was not difficult for Lu Heting to understand what was stated.

When he read it, he felt a chill in his heart.

Su Bei was suffering from late-stage gastric cancer, and the diagnosis was given more than half a year ago.

Su Beis name was clearly written on it, and her ID number was exactly the same.

She had late-stage gastric cancer.

Was this the reason why she brought Da Bao back to look for him Was this why she only accepted short-term jobs and refused to take on long-term endorsements

The pain in his heart surged, and he almost lost his balance.

Had she gone to the hospital

If she really did go to the hospital, she would have brought her handbag, wallet, and ID card along.

No one would leave these essentials at home when going to the hospital.

Suppressing the surging emotions in his heart, Lu Heting immediately made a few phone calls.

He had come to the United States alone this time.

He did not even have his assistant with him.

However, that did not mean he knew nobody here or he had no resources.

Lu Group had been in the United States for many years, so it had its own power and resources.

After making a few phone calls, Lu Heting got people to investigate Su Beis whereabouts.

Then, he immediately called the hospital where Su Bei received her diagnosis.

“Su Bei hasnt come to our hospital.

Im sorry, but the patients condition is a private matter.

We cant provide you with information on her condition.

Please ask Ms.

Su Bei to personally come to the hospital,” the person said in fluent English.

The United States was a country that cared a lot about privacy matters.

Since the other party refused to tell him and this was not the main issue right now, Lu Heting hung up.

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