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Chapter 480: Can You Really afford it

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Otherwise, Su Huixian would not have been so eager to get on Du Luos good side.

Su Bei rose to stardom later than Su Huixian, and she was not welcomed by the family.

How could she so recklessly spend money to buy this many clothes

Moreover, Su Bei never had any long-term career aspirations and only took up short-term jobs.

Now that she had announced she was going on a break, her income was probably not high.

Han Junting only knew that models did not earn much, but she did not know that Su Beis net worth was miles apart from ordinary models.

The commercial Lu Weijian gave her previously had raised her value, causing her talent fee to rise exponentially.

Her appearance fee had also increased by a great margin.

Su Bei was not rich, but she had more money than Han Junting imagined.

Han Junting chose three pieces of clothing and said to the sales assistant, “Wrap them up for me.”

“Okay, Miss Han.

Its a total of 200,000 yuan.

Youre a high-level VIP member of the shop, so you get a discount on all of them,” the sales assistant said especially loudly, as if she was telling Su Bei about it.

Another sales assistant said, “Were really happy to see a customer like Miss Han enter the shop.

It makes our bodies and minds feel at ease.

Unlike some people who keep touching the clothes here without the intention of buying anything.

Theyre doing whatever they please, its really annoying.

After she leaves, well have to tidy up that pile of clothes.

Our workload wouldve increased for nothing.”

“Yes, thats why Miss Han is a VIP member.

The others are nothing.”

As they talked, the other sales assistants also complained.

It was obvious that they really hated customers who only browsed but did not buy.

Han Junting pursed her lips and said, “You should really set some rules in this shop.

Those who dont buy shouldnt even think of browsing.

Otherwise, people will just keep laying their dirty hands all over the clothes.

This makes us, the real customers, always feel frustrated when we buy tainted goods.”

“Miss Han, dont worry.

The clothes you chose are all brand new from our warehouse.

They havent been touched by anyone, let alone tried on.”

Han Junting looked at the clothes Su Bei was choosing and shook her head as she said, “Thats good.

But Im afraid you guys wont be able to escape having to tidy up and reorganize that big pile of clothes.”

As Su Bei had picked out a lot of clothes, there was already a small mountain of clothes in front of her.

Moreover, she was picking out clothes for the age range of four years old to eighteen years old.

Hence, the sales assistants thought that Su Bei would definitely not buy them.

Those who really wanted to shop for clothes would have a specific age in mind.

“Miss, if you dont want to buy any clothes, then just stop browsing.

Youve seen all the clothes in the shop,” a sales assistant said with a hint of sarcasm.

“How old is the child youre buying clothes for Have you made up your mind”

“I told you, I want to look at all the clothes for the age range of four years old to eighteen years old.” There was a hint of annoyance in Su Beis tone.

She was used to being the eldest miss.

When she said this, all the sales assistants were suppressed by her aura and did not speak for a moment.

However, they felt uncomfortable in their hearts.

Looking at Su Bei, could she really afford to buy so many clothes

Everyone looked at her with disdain.

Fine, they would let her do whatever she wanted.

If she could afford all of these clothes, they would take it as their loss.

Han Junting chose to slowly make her payment to see just what Su Bei could afford.

Su Bei lazily looked up..

“Wrap all of these up for me.

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