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Chapter 48: Chapter 48 Dirty Tricks

After saying those words, Su Bei walked out without even looking at Du Luo.

She totally ignored his darkened face.

For her, the air around her was exceptionally fresh without his presence.

Su Bei knew that Qiu Minxuan couldnt be trusted.

So after this big show, she must request for a different agent.

Otherwise, she would be sidelined by Su Huixian.

“Su Bei!” Su Huixian gently walked towards her.

With a smile, she said, “Dad knows that youre back, and he wants to see you.

Ive asked him to wait for you in the meeting room.”

Su Huixian knew that Su Bei and Du Luo hadnt reached an agreement because he immediately told her.

Su Bei had always been a tough nut to crack.

Fortunately, she had a plan B.

She told Su Xingfu about her problem and asked him to come over to help her.

As a father, of course, he was furious when he found out that Su Bei sent out a condom to one of the judges.

“Su Bei, Dad hasnt seen you for many years, and he misses you.

You should go and see him,” Su Huixian gently persuaded.

Su Bei walked straight towards the meeting room.

But it wasnt because of Su Huixians persuasion, but because she knew that Su Xingfu would not give up until he saw her.

When she arrived in front of the meeting room, she was about to push the door open

when she heard Su Xingfu and Qiu Minxuan talking and laughing inside.


Su, dont worry.

Huixian is talented and hard-working.

She will be a supermodel in S Country in the future.” Qiu Minxuan smiled at Su Xingfu.

To some extent, her attitude also represented the attitude of Qian Yu Entertainment Company.

Su Xingfu understood what she meant, so he said with a smile, “Huixian wouldnt have reached this far if not for the companys training and your support.

Miss Qiu, Huixian will need you more in the future.”

Those words were actually not for Qiu Minxuan but for the company.

He knew that she would relay his message to the management.

“Of course, Mr.


Our company has high hopes for Huixian.

And shes a very talented model, so she deserves it.”

Su Xingfu and Qiu Minxuan were obviously just praising each other.

Su Bei clenched her fists tightly.

She was also Su Xingfus daughter.

But in his eyes, only Su Huixian was the best.

No matter what she did, he always chose to believe Su Huixian.

And what about her Who was she to him

Su Xingfu stood up upon seeing her.

He hadnt seen her for several years, so he showed a trace of affection on his face.

“Su Bei, youre finally back.

Its been years.

Ive been missing you every day.

You are so cruel to me.

You have been away from home for so many years, but you never called me.” His temples had some white hair now.

And his voice was no longer that sharp when he spoke.

Su Bei sat down and asked, “Why do you want to see me”

Su Xingfu noticed Su Beis indifference, so he returned to his usual harsh expression, imposing a fathers authority.

“Su Bei, did you come back specifically for competing with Huixian”

“Specifically for her No.

I havent been so idle yet.”

“But as soon as you came back, you took her job away.

I also heard that you played some dirty tricks and messed up with the judges.

Su Bei, wont you stop until you totally piss me off”

Su Xingfu angrily said.

He felt that Su Bei had really made him lose his face.

At first, Su Bei felt a little guilty.

Su Xingfu was getting older, but she did not communicate with him for five years.

Her heart was about to soften a little.

But what he had said just now made her heart hardened again.

She looked at him and asked, “So what”


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