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Chapter 478: Take Care of Each Other, Love Each Other

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“Definitely.” Su Bei rubbed the tip of his nose.

Gun Gun kissed her.

“Bei Bei, you have to video call me every night so you can give me a kiss.”

Su Bei lowered his head and kissed his chubby cheeks.

“You and Big Brother Da Bao have to take care of each other and love each other.

Dont quarrel.

Bei Bei has written many letters for you.

When the time comes, theyll all be sent to you.”

She had prepared birthday letters for them to receive every year until they turned 18.


She hoped that at that time, they would be leading new lives and have become better people, as well as have people to cherish them.

“Da Bao.” Su Bei carried him over.

“Take care of Gun Gun, okay”

“How many days are you going for” Da Bao asked coolly.

“No matter how many days Ill be gone for, you have to promise me.” Su Bei rubbed his face.

“Youre a big kid, you cant go back on your word.”

Da Bao nodded.

“I know.

Youre talking as if youll be gone for a long time.”

He had always been indifferent and never showed his emotions on his face, but Su Bei was making his nose feel sore.

He got up and hugged Su Bei.

“Go, relax for a few days.

Dont miss me too much.

Ill miss you.”

Gun Gun also hurriedly hugged Su Bei.

“Ill miss Bei Bei too.

Bei Bei has to miss me as well.”

The next day, Da Bao and Gun Gun went to school.

Meanwhile, Su Bei went to the mall to buy things.

She wanted to buy more clothes for Da Bao and Gun Gun.

She walked into the shop and casually looked at the childrens clothing.

Although it was no longer possible for her to go on stage, Su Bei still disguised herself.

She wore a pair of wide-legged pants that covered her perfect long legs.

She had also changed her makeup style so that it was no longer bright and innocent.

Instead, she looked very ordinary.

At a glance, she looked like a passerby on the street.

She was comfortable and natural, so was not as eye-catching.

She came here to buy childrens clothes.

She thought that it might be the last time she could buy clothes for Da Bao and Gun Gun, so she specially chose a luxury brand and planned to buy a lot.

Many of the staff in luxury stores were arrogant.

Seeing Su Bei enter, the sales assistant saw that although she had a unique temperament, her clothes were too ordinary.

The clothes on her were probably cheap goods.

The sales assistant casually asked, “Miss, what age are the children youre planning to buy clothes for”

“Four years old.

No, four to eighteen years old.

Let me take a look at them all,” Su Bei said.

“Take a look, then.”

When the staff heard her request, she thought that Su Bei was not someone who really wanted to buy clothes here.

The age range was far too big! Who would shop like that

Su Bei did not mind the other partys arrogant and rude attitude.

If it were in the past, she would probably go to another shop.

However, time was very precious to her now.

She did not want to waste it, so she casually looked around.

Da Bao was cool, while Gun Gun was cute.

This clothing store was indeed a world-renowned brand.

There were countless clothes suitable for the two little munchkins.

Su Bei carefully picked the clothes.

She knew in her heart that she could only buy clothes for them until they reached 18 years of age.

After that, the two young men would definitely have their own style and would much prefer to do their shopping themselves.

If she bought too many clothes, they might not even wear them.

As she was choosing, a woman carrying a new leather bag entered the shop.

Her makeup was exquisite, and her wavy hair was meticulously styled.

She was wearing the latest clothes from an Italian brand that was from their winter collection.

She also wore a pair of branded boots.

She looked very stylish.

The moment she walked in, the staffs expressions changed immediately.

They went forward to welcome her..

“Miss Han, youre here Please come in.”

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