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Chapter 476: Slipping To The Edge Of The Cliff

It was as if saying these empty words could give Su Bei a heavy blow!

Lu Heting glared at Zhang Baozhen, but Zhang Baozhen remained unmoved.

She continued, “Do you think you can love her forever just because you love her now Men are just animals who love the new and hate the old.

They are beasts who are controlled by their lower halves!”

“I will,” Lu Heting said calmly.

His voice was strong and magnetic.

“Dont judge everyone with your narrow mind.”

Su Bei heard his words and her heart overflowed with warmth.

It was sweet, but she could not return his feelings.

Lu Heting hugged Su Bei and whispered, “Lets go back.”

Su Bei and Lu Heting turned around and left.

Zhang Baozhens dignity, pride, and youth had all been taken away.

She sat on the floor, no longer looking like a noble lady.

Lu Heting said to Su Bei, “Zhang Baozhen has a strong family background.

Her father and few brothers are extremely sinister people.

From now on, Liang Hanwen will not have a good life.

The entire Liang family will probably be destroyed…”

This was the way he had chosen to deal with Liang Hanwen.

He did not need to make a move himself, but the mans consequences were even worse.

Liang Hanwen and Zhang Baozhen would never have thought that Lu Hetings request to see Liang Hanwen previously was their only chance to save themselves.

Once you made a mistake, there would be nothing left.

Life would go toward the edge of a cliff, one step at a time.

If Zhang Baozhen had known, would she have posted that Weibo post about Su Bei

“Its just a pity that Liang Hanwen has an illegitimate child.

After all, the child is innocent.” Su Bei sighed softly.

“However, to have become Liang Hanwens illegitimate child, their fate was destined from the start.

Itll be a bumpy road.

Even if such a thing didnt happen this time, there would be another incident and another.”

Hence, Su Bei did not think that Lu Heting was cruel in revealing this secret.

If this secret was revealed and used by someone else, it would have been even crueler for the child.

At this point, Zhang Baozhen, Liang Hanwen, and Cai Anyings fates had already been determined.

Su Bei was not concerned about how miserable they would be.

Lu Heting took off his jacket and placed it on Su Beis shoulders.

He hugged Su Bei tightly.

“Its late.

Lets go home and rest.

Dont think about anything else.”

“Alright.” Su Bei gently nodded.

Lu Heting realized that recently, this woman would not resist his intimate acts.

They had gotten much closer than before.

Although he had doubts in his heart and was worried that something might happen, he could not help but feel happy that she was being so close to him.

Therefore, he did not want to think too much about it.

On the internet, the news of Cai Anyings plastic surgery and the photos taken by the reporters became trending news.

She was a mistress who had even undergone plastic surgery.

Most importantly, she kept trying to step on and use Su Bei.

Cai Anyings popularity was completely ruined overnight.

“Get the f*ck out of the entertainment industry! We want peace in the entertainment industry!”

“Go to hell, mistress! Even if you die 10,000 times, it wont be enough!”

“A scumbag and a slut, what a good match the two of you are.

Just dont do anything to harm Su Bei anymore.”

“Ill hide away my Su Bei.

She wont have any more interactions with you!”

“Zhang Baozhen is too much.

She doesnt even know what kind of person shes sleeping with yet still dared to come out and fight with the mistress.

She even needed Su Beis help to find out whos the mistress.”

Cai Anyings work, including endorsements, was all canceled.

It was not only because of her scandal but also because of Liang Hanwen himself.

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