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Chapter 471: Key Evidence

An unnatural expression flashed across Zhang Baozhens face, but she remained calm.

“Dont think that you can clear your name with some false evidence.

Some things can be used to deceive others.

You all may believe her, but I wont!”

As the main wife, she knew better than anyone how coldly her husband had been treating her and how he had changed from his previous passionate self.

It was just that she did not know who to share this pain with…

Lv Shan looked at her coldly.

“Madam Zhang Baozhen, your current actions have already caused great harm to Su Bei.

If you dont repent, the consequences wont be as simple anymore.

“As for whether youll apologize to Su Bei or not, I cant force it.

But I believe that everyone thinks you owe Su Bei an apology.”

As Lv Shan was pregnant, it was hard for her to say so much.

Yue Ze asked her to sit down and took her place.

Standing up, he said, “Madam Zhang Baozhen, I know that youve always suspected your husband of having an affair.

Thats why you found someone to vent all your anger on her.

“So, in order to prove Su Bei and Lv Shans innocence, we found clues provided by the paparazzi and bought information on your husbands recent whereabouts from them.

Unfortunately, your suspicions have been verified.

Here are photos of your husband and his real mistress.

“Your husband, Mr.

Liang Hanwen, indeed has a mistress.

Hes the root problem that made you suspect Lv Shan.”

“I also think its time to release the photos of him and his real mistress.”

After Yue Ze finished speaking, a photo of Liang Hanwen and a woman immediately appeared on the screen in front of the reporters.

Actually, normal paparazzi would not be able to take these photos at all.

Firstly, they were afraid of Liang Hanwens identity.

Secondly, Liang Hanwen was very discreet and cautious whenever he went out.

Therefore, Lu Heting was the one who sent someone to take the photos.

This was also why Lu Heting chose to wait until today to clarify matters for Su Bei.

These photos were the key evidence.

In the first photo, Liang Hanwen was holding the womans waist.

They were walking into a hotel room.

The photo was taken from a hidden corner.

Several different photos showed that they had not just gone on one date but at least several.

It was just that this woman was always wearing a mask and it was hard to see her face clearly.

However, judging from her height, she was obviously a model.

Could it be Su Bei

Doubt flashed across everyones eyes.

Zhang Baozhen could not help but stand up as well.

When she saw that the real mistress was being exposed, her entire body was trembling.

She could not suppress her anger, as well as the shame and frustration of being mocked for getting the wrong person.

As everyone took a closer look at the photos, they realized that the woman did look like Su Bei, but she was not.

Instead, it was a model who was very similar to Su Bei.

Recently, she had been fighting for Su Beis resources and stepping on Su Bei to climb up to the top.

Cai Anying!

Everything could be seen clearly.

Although Cai Anyings height was similar to Su Beis, her legs were much shorter and thicker than Su Beis.

Her waist was also wider.

In the photos, she was seen with Liang Hanwen in an intimate manner.

It was obvious that she was the mistress whom Zhang Baozhen had always suspected.

Zhang Baozhen gritted her teeth.

Cai Anying was the one who made her suspect Lv Shan.

Cai Anying was a friend she had recently made.

It turned out that the other party approached her not because she wanted to be friends with her but because she liked her husband!


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