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Chapter 47: Chapter 47 Dont Act Like a Bossy CEO

Du Luo asked in a low voice, “During the first test, you gave one of the judges a condom, didnt you Su Bei, if this was your idea of taking revenge on me, you would only end up hurting yourself.

Do you know how disappointed we were after finding out what you did”

In reality, the model who had given a condom to one of the judges had already been suspended from the competition.

From beginning to end, Su Bei had never given that wretched gift box to anyone, except Lu Heting, who trusted her.

Of course, she wasnt surprised that Du Luo knew about the matter of the condom.

Su Huixian must have spun a tale about it to him.

Su Bei didnt bother to explain about the condom.

Explaining herself to a person who didnt trust her at all was like playing the piano for a cow.

It was just a grand waste of time.

“Do you think I only qualified for the second round because of that garbage” Su Bei asked in a cold voice as she sat down.

She flipped her long hair onto her left shoulder and lifted the corners of her red lips.

Du Luo didnt reply, but it was obvious what was on his mind.

In his eyes, Su Bei had always been an arrogant girl.

She was smart, but she never worked hard.

Su Huixian was the complete opposite of her.

Therefore, he didnt doubt that Su Bei would stoop to easier means to get the result that she wanted.

“Huixian works very hard.

Shes very serious about this career.

But you…I know youre only doing this for fun.” Du Luo took out a pen and handed it to Su Bei.

Looking at the blank check, Su Bei realized how much Du Luo was ready to sacrifice for Su Huixian.

If she withdrew from the competition, Su Huixian would definitely get the opportunity to step onto the stage of the Orisa International Show.

“Do you think that the judges of the Orisa International Show will accept a bribe from an insignificant model If they are willing to accept my bribe, dont you think that they would also accept Huixians” Su Bei asked with a sneer.

“Shed never do such a thing,” Du Luo interrupted Su Bei harshly.

“Su Bei, your father is worried about you, and so is Huixian.

If you keep acting like this, you wont be able to go far in the entertainment world.

Just leave now.”

Su Bei took the pen from Du Luos hand and twirled it around with a playful smile.

However, Du Luo felt a little relieved.

He knew that Su Bei would accept his suggestion.

It was only logical for Su Bei and Huixian to travel down the paths meant for them, instead of wasting their energy on meaningless rivalry.

He stood up and looked at Su Bei gently.

As long as she signed the check, peace would be restored.

Su Bei raised her head to glance at him.

Stunned by her delicate face, he quickly turned his eyes away.

Every single time, he couldnt help but be dazzled by Su Beis beauty.

However, he had already chosen his soul mate, so he would not be tempted by a trivial thing like appearance.

Su Bei lowered her head again and wrote many zeroes on the blank check.

When she was done, she put down the pen and handed the check to him.

Du Luos face changed abruptly.

His whole family put together wouldnt be able to afford even a tenth of the amount she had quoted.

How could she be so arrogant

“Su Bei, you havent changed at all!” he said through gritted teeth.

“If you cant afford it, dont give me a blank check like a bossy CEO.

Do you think you are shooting a movie”

Su Bei stood up.


Luo, since you think its so easy to bribe the judges, you should go and give this check to them to see if theyll agree to replace me with Su Huixian!”


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