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Chapter 469: The Worst Person Is The Man

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“Because Lv Shan is a mistress! She seduced Liang Hanwen and got Su Bei to protect her! Therefore, Su Bei isnt innocent either.

She might even be Liang Hanwens lover along with Lv Shan!” A voice sounded from the group of reporters.

This person must be on good terms with Zhang Baozhen.

He was hiding among so many reporters.

His words naturally attracted everyones attention.

“That makes sense.

Zhang Baozhen is a socialite, not a common woman.

She must have her reasons for doing this.”

“Thats right.

What we saw just now only shows that Su Bei had a reason for hitting Zhao Baozhen, but it doesnt explain why she didnt cut ties with the mistress.”

“Lets see how Yue Ze explains it.”

At the same time, Zhang Baozhen had beeninvited over by Lu Heting.

As soon as she walked in, she heard everyone discussing.

Zhang Baozhen was wearing luxurious clothes, and her hair was elegantly styled as well.

She had taken such good care of her face that no sign of aging could be seen.

However, she somehow looked haggard and pitiful.

The moment she entered, she said, “Everyone, Im here.

Today, Ill stand here and watch how you come up with evidence.

Ill see how you try to bury this matter!”

The reporters immediately started snapping photos of her.

On the stage, Yue Ze stepped back.

Lv Shan stood up and said, “Im the one whos pregnant.

Im also the one who was involved with Liang Hanwen.”

Everyone immediately went into an uproar.

There really was a mistress!

“These are all the chat records from when I was dating Liang Hanwen four years ago.

You can take a look at them.

From my messages with him, you can see that I never knew about Zhang Baozhens existence.

When Liang Hanwen and Zhang Baozhen broke the the news of their marriage, I had already been dating Liang Hanwen for more than a year.

“I was completely unaware of Zhang Baozhens existence and their marriage.

Im sure the reporters who have been in this industry for a long time knew when news of Liang Hanwen and Zhang Baozhens marriage broke.

“I did have a relationship with Liang Hanwen, and I unknowingly became a mistress.

In the four years after I broke up with him, I never contacted him again.”

The evidence she brought out showed that Liang Hanwen had pretended to be single.

They even talked about marriage a few times, but Zhang Baozhen was never mentioned in their conversation for months.

It was not until Liang Hanwen and Zhang Baozhens marriage was exposed that the two of them started arguing on WeChat.

Chat records of Lv Shans stern questioning were displayed as well.

The reporters also recalled that this couple was indeed secretive about their marriage in the beginning.

They kept a low profile until a photo of them was leaked.

Only then did they admit that they were married.

The timeline was exactly as Lv Shan had said.

In that case, Lv Shan was indeed a victim.

She had given her heart away but was deceived by a married man.

The happiness she yearned for turned out to be nothing in the end.

It turned out that the worst person in this whole debacle was the man involved! He enjoyed having many women around him, fooling around with both his wife and his mistress.

When the main wife and the “mistress” were at each others throats, he acted like a bystander.

He tried to solve the problem simply and casually.

He did not want to get himself into trouble.

He would do anything to protect himself.

The mistress and the main wife were the victims here!

Zhang Baozhen sneered.

“Who can be sure that you guys didnt have any more contact with each other after that I have the call records between my husband and you!”


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