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Chapter 465: You Need To Personally Come And Do A Check-up

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“Im not.

Ill call the hospital myself,” Su Bei said.

Lin Yu asked a few more questions but Su Bei remained firm, so he could only end the call.

Su Bei immediately found the hospitals number and called the attending doctor.

She wondered if her illness had worsened.

Was the doctor looking for her to remind her to go back to the hospital

“Miss Su, we need you to come to the hospital.

We have to tell you something.

Are you free now”

“Can you tell me whats going on” Su Bei asked.

“We really need you to personally come over for a check-up before we can come to a conclusion.” The other party was very firm.

Su Beis heart suddenly felt empty.

Could it be that her illness had rapidly worsened

Recently, her stomach hurt a lot.

Sometimes, it was so painful that she could not fall asleep.

However, the doctor had told her that there was no way to treat her, so she had already completely given up hope.

Was the doctor going to tell her that her life was coming to an end

Gun Gun gently approached her.

“Bei Bei, why are you crying”

“Im not, the sand just entered my eyes.” Su Bei quickly wiped away her tears and carried Gun Gun with a bright smile.

“Bei Bei, are you unhappy about something Did Gun Gun make you sad” Gun Gun said in a childish voice as he hugged Su Beis neck.

“Tell Gun Gun and Gun Gun will definitely be obedient.

Ill be good and eat and sleep.

I wont make Bei Bei unhappy.”

“Me too.” Da Bao stood at the side with a cold face.

However, there was an unconcealable concern for Su Bei in his eyes.

Su Bei hugged him and smiled happily.

“Su Bei has nothing to be unhappy about.

She has two of the most obedient sons in the world and the best husband in the world.

She has so many outstanding friends and a bunch of big brothers and sisters who have always supported her.

How could she not be happy Su Beis life is complete and happy.

Being in this world is truly worth it!”

Lu Heting returned home and was slightly worried when he saw this.

When Su Bei faced work-related matters and the ups and downs of the entertainment industry, she rarely lost control of herself.

She already knew how they were going to deal with Zhang Baozhens matter, so what was going on

“Su Bei, tell me if theres anything, okay”

Su Bei went up to him and said, “Lu Heting, when youre done with your work, accompany me to a trip to America.

Just the two of us.

Take it as you accompanying me, okay”

“Of course.” Seeing her bright smile, Lu Hetings worry faded a little.

The thought of traveling with her filled him with anticipation.

Su Beis smile seemed genuine.

Her disguise was truly good.

She had never dared to reveal her feelings to Lu Heting, afraid that her feelings would hold him back and affect his future choices.

However, at the end of the day, she still could not help but want him by her side.

She wanted to spend her last days with him.

She also wanted to treat him well and repay him for everything he had done…

Even though Su Bei had not responded to Zhang Baozhen, Zhang Baozhen continued to tag Su Bei on social media, trying to attract her attention.

Currently, the netizens were supporting Zhang Baozhen.

After all, any woman would feel the same way when facing a mistress.

Mistresses were universally hated by everyone.


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