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Chapter 46: Chapter 46 We Have All the Time

Lu Heting looked funny in this way.

Yet he seemed calm and sincere.

Su Bei, in turn, pursed her lips to conceal a smile but couldnt help feeling a little disappointed as she didnt get to see the picture in his wallet.

Nevertheless, she wasnt in a hurry.

There was still time.

She thought it was safer to find out the truth on her own than to listen to what he had to say anyway.

“Good night, Mr.

Lu.” Standing up, Su Bei walked towards the master bedroom.

After a long time, Lu Heting said in a low voice, “Good night.”

The master bedroom door was closed.

Although the girls slim figure and bright smile were nowhere near his sight anymore, he could still conjure up her image before his eyes.

Compared to the eighteen-year-old unripe girl, she had grown more charming with age, like a green fruit that had become sweeter and unforgettable as it matured.

‘Su Bei, we have all the time in the world, he thought to himself.

The next morning, Su Bei got ready to go to the company.

Since she wanted to attend the Orisa International Show, she had a lot of things to prepare.

Lu Heting offered to drive her to the company.

“My car was parked not far from here.”

Su Bei didnt refuse him.

It wasnt until she got into the parking lot that she remembered that Lu Heting was driving Lu Weijians car—a discreet but luxury Bentley.

“Heting, can you drop me off somewhere near the company instead This car is too dazzling.”

“Then Ill drive another car next time,” he replied.

“No, thanks.

You should focus on doing your job as Mr.

Weijian requires.

You cant just change cars for me, can you”

Realizing that he couldnt reason with that, Lu Heting kept silent.

After all, he didnt want to blow his cover now and risk scaring her off.

He wouldnt be able to bear it if she left again for another five years.

Once they got to a place near Qian Yu Entertainment Company, Lu Heting stopped the car and told her, “Ill pick you up this afternoon.”

“No, I dont want to bother you.

Ill take a taxi.”

“Su Bei, legally, Im your husband, okay” Lowering his head, Lu Heting looked into her eyes gently.

With a smile, Su Bei agreed, “Okay, but as long as this doesnt get in the way of your work.

Ill call you this afternoon.”

After walking into the company, Su Bei went straight to Qiu Minxuans office.

She knocked on the door and quickly someone came to open it.

To her surprise, it wasnt Qiu Minxuan, but Du Luo.

For a moment, Su Bei froze, but after a while, her eyes returned to their natural brightness.

His gentle face was still as handsome as years ago.

In his light-colored casual clothes, he had retained his youthfulness, which Su Bei used to like a lot.

However, he was no longer a young boy.

Now that he was more mature, he even let a beard grow on his chin.

Smiling at her, he said, “Come in, Su Bei.”

She took a deep breath and stepped inside.

“I have an appointment with Minxuan now.

Do you know where she is”

“Su Bei, Id like to talk to you first,” Duo Luo said.

“Minxuan will be here soon.”

“I dont think we have anything to talk about,” Su Bei answered nonchalantly.

Since he chose to trust Su Huixian, she had taken him out of her heart.

In the last five years, Da Baos existence had relieved many of her past wounds, but once trust was broken, she didnt take it lightly.

Du Luo put a blank check on the table and pushed it towards her.

“Su Bei, this is for you.”

“What is this supposed to mean” Su Bei raised her eyes, looking at him coldly.


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