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Chapter 459: I Dont Need Your Approval

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Lv Shan had lingering fears and was in a bad mood.

She went to another hospital for a check-up and luckily, the doctor said that she and the child were fine.

Yue Ze did not expect Su Beis husband to be so indomitable and dote on Su Bei so much.

It was no wonder that Su Bei got married so early.

He said, “You guys go back first.

Ill accompany Lv Shan home.”

Lv Shan did not want the couple to have any problems because of her.

“Yes, let Yue Ze accompany me.

Its safer to have a man by my side.”

Su Bei could only agree.

Lv Shan watched Su Bei and Lu Hetings car leave with grateful eyes.

Indeed, if Su Bei had appeared a second too late, the doctor would have already injected the anesthetics into her body.

It was Su Bei who protected her child.

Yue Ze reached out to support her.

Right then, Lv Shan felt dizzy and fell.

Yue Ze carried her up the stairs.

He then learned that she had not eaten much today.

“Wheres the kitchen” Yue Ze asked.

Lv Shan pointed in a direction.

Who would have thought that Yue Ze, who had always been a professional, could cook

Yue Ze opened the fridge.

It was empty except for a handful of noodles.

From the looks of it, this house did not seem very lived-in.

“Were usually pretty busy people,” Lv Shan said sheepishly.

“Mm.” Yue Ze did not say anything else.

He boiled some water to cook noodles.


Lu Heting accompanied Su Bei home and got out of the car.

Su Bei closed the door and was about to enter the elevator.

Lu Heting pulled her into his embrace.

Su Bei did not move.

In fact, at that critical moment just now, it was not that she did not have any concerns.

She was also afraid that something would happen to her.

She still had Da Bao, Gun Gun, and Lu Heting to protect.

However, at the thought that it was her friend and an innocent baby, she could not calmly wait for the police to arrive.

It was just like the time she and Da Bao had problems in the past.

Many friends had also reached out to help her…

She could feel Lu Hetings heartbeat as he held her.

She said in a low voice, “I wont do it again, dont worry.”

“Okay.” Lu Heting was finally satisfied.

When she rushed over earlier, Lu Heting had been extremely worried.

The feeling of loss had crept into his heart again, making his heart feel bleak and desolate.

He could not afford to lose her.

“But what I said just now is true.

If you were in any danger, I would also charge over regardless of the danger.”

“I disapprove of that.”

“I dont need your approval.” Su Bei harrumphed.

“Silly.” Lu Heting patted her head.

He hugged Su Bei tightly.

“Lets go home first.”

Since she started being by his side, the wordhome sounded exceptionally gentle in his mouth.

Lu Heting had to go back first because he still had Liang Hanwens matter to deal with.

However, before Lu Hang could get Liang Hanwen to come over, Zhang Baozhen had already posted something online.

Her phone was not confiscated and Lv Shan was not seriously injured, so the police did not detain her.

They only brought her back to the station to lecture her a little.

She posted on the internet and named Su Bei.

“Everyone, Im going to officially announce the name of my husbands mistress now.

This mistress is very arrogant.

Not only did she hook up with my husband but she even made use of my husbands resources to rise to fame..

Now, she has become an extremely popular model in the entertainment industry.”


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