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Chapter 458: Who Dares To Lay A Hand On Su Bei

Su Beis series of actions were smooth and unhesitant.

She managed to save Lv Shan.

Zhang Baozhen covered her face and looked at Su Bei with hatred!

Lv Shan, who had just survived a calamity, grabbed Su Beis hands while shaking.

“Su Bei, leave quickly! Protect yourself!”

When Zhang Baozhen saw that Su Bei had barged in and how she even dared to hit her, she coldly snorted.

She said, “Su Bei, do you really have to interfere in this matter”

At that moment, Su Bei was dressed in simple sportswear.

His beautiful long hair was tied up, and her face showed a rare heroic spirit.

“Ill definitely deal with this matter!”

“Wont you think about your future”

“Think about your own future first!” Su Bei had already called the police.

Zhang Baozhen, who always relied on her power to bully others, had already reached her end.

“Capture Su Bei first and have Lv Shan undergo surgery as planned!” Zhang Baozhen ordered.

This time, not only was Lv Shan unable to escape but Su Bei too!

The group of people Zhang Baozhen brought approached Su Bei.

All of them were muscular.

Su Bei was only able to push them away earlier as they were unprepared.

Clearly, they were prepared now.

Would Su Bei still have the strength to fight back

At this moment, a serious voice sounded from the doors: “Who dares to lay a hand on Su Bei”

The doors of the operating theater opened on both sides as Lu Heting strode over.

Yue Ze followed closely behind him.

Of course, this was not the way Yue Ze would have had it.

It was only because Lu Hetings aura was too strong.

Yue Ze inadvertently became his sidekick.

Zhang Baozhen looked at Lu Heting.

The Zhang family did not have much interaction with the Lu family, so she naturally did not know who Lu Heting was.

However, when she saw this man, his aura was enough to envelop the entire place.

His cold and arrogant eyebrows were raised high, and under his long eyelashes were a pair of eyes that were as black as obsidian.

They carried a dangerous glint in them.

Those eagle-like eyes sent shivers down the spines of those who looked into them.

Lu Heting strode toward Su Bei and protected her in his arms.

Zhang Baozhen was about to fly into a rage when she heard a series of orderly footsteps outside.

It turned out that the police had arrived and were rushing in.

Yue Ze went up to talk to the police, while Zhang Baozhen and the others were taken away by them.

Lu Heting continued to hug Su Bei.

Meanwhile, Yue Ze helped Lv Shan up.

Lu Heting sent a message to Lu Hang.

“Tell Liang Hanwen to come and talk to me.”

Previously, Liang Hanwen and Zhang Baozhen had only attacked Lv Shan, so Lu Heting did not interfere.

Now that it involved Su Bei, he could no longer tolerate it.

Looking down at her, Lu Heting held Su Beis shoulders and said in a low voice, “Why are you so silly Why didnt you wait for the police to come What if you got hurt”

“If I had appeared a second later, the doctor wouldve injected Sister Lv with anesthetics and she would have lost her baby,” Su Bei said seriously, “Its not just because of Sister Lv.

If anything were to happen to you, I would be the first to rush over as well.”

Lu Heting hugged her.

Although her words pleased him, he still said, “Id rather you be safe than be the first one to charge in.”

Lv Shan, who was at the side, said, “Sorry, its all because of me…”

“Bad people do bad things.

You have nothing to apologize for.” Su Bei stopped her.

“Sister Lv, leave this matter to the police for now.”


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