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Chapter 45: Chapter 45 A Girls Photo

Lu Hetings heart raced against his chest.

This was the first time he was walking into Su Beis house.

There was a surge of emotion within him, as if he was a kid who had just gotten the toy that he had been eyeing for a long time.

The layout of Su Beis house was very simple.

As soon as he stepped through the doorway, the water dripping from his body gathered into a pool on the floor.

It was not until then that Su Bei realized just how drenched Lu Heting had gotten.

She hurriedly took her slippers to him and said, “Sorry, I dont have any extra slippers.

You can wear mine.”

“Okay.” Lu Heting took the slippers, gently stroking the fuzzy fur on them.

“The bathroom is over there.

Ill get you a bath towel and a dry set of clothes,” Su Bei said as she pointed towards the bathroom.

She took out a new bath towel from her cupboard.

When it came to the clothes, however, she hesitated.

The only set of clothes she had that might fit Lu Heting was a set of old pajamas that she had worn when she was pregnant.

As for her new clothes, they would all be too small and tight to fit his strong body.

She knocked on the bathroom door and said, “Mr.

Lu, please give me your wet clothes.

Ill help you wash them.”

After taking his wet clothes from him through a crack in the bathroom door, Su Bei habitually took out the item that was in his pocket before throwing the clothes into the washing machine and setting it on dryer mode.

The item she had taken out was his wallet.

It was a little wet, so she helped him dry it with a blow dryer.

The wallet accidentally fell to the floor with both flaps open.

She picked it up in a hurry and closed it, but not before catching a glimpse of a photo inside.

Although she hadnt seen the photo clearly, she was sure that it was a photo of a girl.

Although she knew that it was bad to peep at other peoples things, she could not help but feel curious about his personal life.

Most importantly, she wanted to know whether he had a woman he loved or not.

‘Back in the United States, I have many friends who are willing to help me take care of Da Bao.

Whenever I need to, I can entrust him to them.

However, Lu Heting is his biological father.

It will definitely be better for a kid to live with his father than an outsider.

But if Lu Heting already has a woman he loves, then I shouldnt interfere in his life anymore.

Da Bao also cant destroy his family and let himself be the extra guy, Su Bei thought to herself.

Putting her hands on his wallet, she quickly made up her mind.

“Ill just have a quick look! I just want to know whether he has someone he likes or not.

After all, Im his nominal wife, right”

Lu Heting stepped out of the bathroom.

It was obvious that the pajamas were the largest set of clothes that Su Bei owned, but they were still a little too tight for him.

However, there was a faint but pleasant scent on the pajamas that exactly matched the scent of her body, so he was more than satisfied with them.

Standing in the living room, he stared at Su Beis elegant and beautiful back.

His eyes twinkled with affection in the darkness.

She was helping him wash and dry his clothes, just like any wife would do for her husband.

He really had the urge to give her a hug from behind.

However, he didnt want to scare her off, so he dug his nails into his palms and restrained himself.

After making the decision, Su Bei was about to open the wallet when she heard a deep male voice from behind.

“Miss Su.”

With a guilty conscience, Su Bei hurriedly turned around and handed the wallet to him.


Lu, here is your wallet.

It was a little wet, so I dried it with a blow dryer just now.”

“Thank you,” Lu Heting said as he took it.

It was not until then that Su Bei noticed how he looked in her pink pajamas.

Although she had worn them when she was pregnant, they were still too small and short for Lu Heting.


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