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Chapter 449: Abort The Child

“Hmm Look at this.

Thats our Da Bao.

This was his first time walking.

And this was the first time Da Bao could use his phone to take pictures.” Su Bei was in a cheerful mood.

She was always like this.

Her sadness would pass quickly and her mind would always remain open.

Lu Heting chuckled along with the woman.

“Our Da Bao is awesome!”

Unknowingly, Lu Heting was hugging Su Bei as they sat on the sofa.

He looked at the album and could see Da Baos life for the past four years.

He was witnessing all the moments he, as a father and husband, had failed to fulfill his duty.

Lu Hetings eyes were dark and deep.

His emotions were surging, and he wished he and the woman in his arms could merge into one.

He wanted to give her the world.

Su Beis phone rang.

She picked up the phone.

The other party went straight to the point.

“Im Zhang Baozhen.

Im sure you know my name, right Miss Su, I have something to discuss with you.”

Zhang Baozhen did not recognize that the person beside Lv Shan in the hospital today was Su Bei, but since Lv Shan was Su Beis manager, she naturally had to pressure Su Bei.

Su Bei said in a flat voice, “Mrs.

Liang, youre a socialite in the circle.

How could I not have heard of you I wonder why youre looking for me”

“Lets talk when we meet.”

Zhang Baozhen arranged to meet Su Bei at a cafe not far away.

When Su Bei saw Zhang Baozhen again, she had changed into a new set of clothes.

This time, she looked even more imposing.

Her long dress covered her curvaceous figure.

It was really rare for a woman in her 40s to have a body like that, which did not show any excess fat.

“Miss Su, your manager, Lv Shan, ruined my family and is now pregnant,” Zhang Baozhen said.

“So” Su Bei maintained her smile.

She was there during the incident that took place in the afternoon when Zhang Baozhen looked for Lv Shan.

Did Zhang Baozhen have any new ideas

Zhang Baozhen smiled.

“I know that youre very popular right now, and your career is on the rise.

You must value your reputation very much.

Im sure that you dont want a scandal about the people around you to affect your career.

Therefore, Id like you to fire Lv Shan.”

Su Bei could not help but show a hint of amusement.

She pushed her long chestnut hair behind her shoulders and said slowly with a lazy tone, “Mrs.

Liang, from what I know, Lv Shan had unknowingly become a mistress.

Furthermore, it has been four years since she broke up with your husband.

She has a stable life now.

This child isnt your husbands.

She has nothing to do with your husband now.”

Zhang Baozhen took a sip of the coffee and put it down.

She stared straight at Su Bei.

“Miss Su, I understand what youre saying, but I just want to be sure of things.

What if her child is my husbands I dont want this slight possibility to affect my life.”

“Are you saying that Lv Shan is still in contact with your husband”

“I dont dare to say that, but Miss Su, I might as well be honest with you.

My husband and I have agreed that we wont be having any children, but if a mistress wants to use a child to interfere with my husbands and my life, then Im sorry.

She must abort the child!”

Su Beis expression was cold as she wiped off the smile on her face.

“Even if that child has nothing to do with your husband”


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