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Chapter 445: Hes Her Husband

It turned out that she was a woman with a high status.

Since she already had a new set of clothes, Su Bei did not continue to invite her.

She smiled and said, “Then Ill get back to work now.


The young lady looked at Su Beis figure and smiled.

She admired Su Beis character.

After work, Lu Heting came over but he did not drive.

He took a taxi.

He had some business to attend to at the company, so he drank some wine to socialize with others.

After he fetched Su Bei, he wanted to call for a designated driver so they could take Su Beis car back.

Seeing that he was a little drunk, Su Bei let him sit in the front passenger seat and did not call for a designated driver.

After all, Su Bei did not drink that night.

When Lu Heting accompanied her to events, she would drink a little for the sake of socializing.

However, Lu Heting was not around this time.

She inexplicably felt a little unsafe and found an excuse not to drink tonight.

“Sit tight.

Ill drive,” Su Bei said with a smile.

“Mm.” Lu Heting nodded.

He had drunk a little too much tonight, so he subconsciously closed his eyes to rest.

Su Bei leaned closer and looked at the shadow cast by his long eyelashes.

His face became more distinct under the lights.

Thinking of Liao Xintongs words, Su Bei suddenly felt a lot of reluctance.

This was her husband, so why should other women covet him

He was her legitimate husband and someone Su Bei could not let go of.

She leaned closer.

The mans scent was very pleasant.

Even though it was mixed with the smell of alcohol, it did not make one feel disgusted.

Sensing the woman approaching him, Lu Heting opened his eyes and happened to see Su Beis extremely awkward expression.

However, he did not miss the faint look of shyness and reluctance.

If he had opened his eyes a little later, she would have kissed him.

Lu Heting regretted it so much that he felt like strangling himself.

He had always been good at devising strategies and controlling peoples hearts.

Yet, he just could not control the heart he wanted to win over the most.

After missing that opportunity, Su Bei did not say anything else.

She sat upright and started the engine, pretending that nothing had happened as she drove the car out.

Lu Heting pondered over a question.

Should he get really drunk once and have Su Bei pick him up Then, he would try to figure out her feelings for him.

Su Bei said, “It might be dangerous if youre really drunk.

Im afraid I wont be able to control myself from doing certain things.”

However, it seemed reasonable for her to do that to her legal husband.

Then, why was she embarrassed just now

She turned her head.

Lu Heting had already opened his eyes.

His eyes were bright and full of life.

She did not know what he was thinking.

Su Bei thought,I dare not lay my hands on my husband like this.

‘Forget it, forget it.

Lets wait until he gets drunk again.

The next day, when photos of Sun Man and the investors filled the internet, Sun Mans company terminated their contract with her and announced that they would never hire her again.

The other companies naturally would not consider a model who was involved in such a huge scandal.

Sun Mans career in the industry had officially ended.

Regretting it now was useless.

If she had not provoked Su Bei and secretly took a photo of her, she would not have ended up like this.

If it were just a hiatus, there would still be a day when she would be able to make a comeback.

However, getting banned was a death sentence.

Su Bei saw the news and knew that Mai Shanheng had gotten hold of Sun Mans phone.

He released all the information to the public.

Indeed, rich second-generation heirs were more ruthless.


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