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Chapter 442: Swallowed Something Bitter

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Su Bei looked at Liao Xintong with an especially sincere gaze.

She looked especially innocent, causing Liao Xintong to stop asking her questions.

Liao Xintong smiled and said, “The next time you guys meet, can you invite me along Were all friends, so we can have fun together.”

Su Bei was not only slow to understand her own feelings but also others feelings.

It turned out that Liao Xintong really liked Lu Heting.

That meant every time she fetched Gun Gun out, she had an ulterior motive.

Su Bei knew that Lu Heting would definitely marry a wife in the future.

She could not care less who he married.

However, once she thought about Liao Xintong trying so hard to marry Lu Heting, Su Bei felt uncomfortable.

She smiled and tucked her long hair behind her ear.

“I cant make that decision.

If Miss Liao wants to see them, you can call them yourself.”

No matter what, Lu Heting was still her man.

No matter what happened in the future, she would not lose her sovereignty.

Su Bei retracted her gaze and slightly lowered her eyes.

She thought about how such a woman could covet Lu Heting.

What would be his decision in the future

At the thought of this, her heart ached as if she had suddenly swallowed something bitter.

Liao Xintong stood up abruptly.

“Excuse me, Miss Su., Ill take my leave first.”

Since Su Bei was unwilling, she would not ask any more questions.

Of course, most importantly, Su Bei did not have the ability.

Were Lu Weijian and Lu Heting men one could meet whenever one wanted

Of course, Liao Xintong was wrong.

Su Bei could see Lu Heting whenever she wanted to.

Today, it was just because Lu Heting was busy with work and could not accompany Su Bei to the event.

However, he asked about the situation on WeChat and told her that he would pick her up later.

Su Bei replied to Lu Heting.

Just as she put away her phone, another person sat down beside her.

“Hello, Miss Su.” It was a man whom Su Bei had never seen before.

He was probably not from the entertainment industry.

However, he was dressed in a suit and leather shoes.

He was dressed like a man from the entertainment industry.

Without waiting for Su Bei to answer, he moved closer.

Su Bei frowned.

Just as she was about to avoid her, he mysteriously asked, “Miss Su, where did you buy that car of yours Let me know the model and Ill buy one too.

I really like that car.

Or, you can sell it to me.

You can name your price.”

Seeing that he had no ill intentions, Su Bei put down her guard and smiled.

“Mister, I can tell you where I bought it, but Im really sorry that I cant sell it.

Im used to driving this car, so I dont want to sell it.”

“Thats fine too.” The other party thought for a while and said, willing to settle for the next best thing.

As the man was whispering to Su Bei, he had inched closer to her.

Su Bei heard a clicking sound not far behind her and her heart trembled.

She immediately stood up and saw Sun Mans figure flash past in the distance.

It was obvious that Sun Man had taken a photo of her and the man just now.

If such a photo was released, it would be a huge blow to her if she was accused of having ulterior motives.

It would cause strong negative public opinion.

Sun Man only came here today to look for Liao Xintong, hoping that she would give her another chance.

After the HU incident, she had been staying at home for several days now..

What annoyed her more was that Cai Anyings company had not given up on her.


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