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Chapter 441: A Flash Of Jealousy

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Su Bei stuffed Lv Shans bag into her hands.

“Dont follow me to the event tonight.

Go home and rest first.”

“Why dont I just finish up tonight…”

“Thats probably why you fainted last time, right Do you want to faint again”

Lv Shan smiled and could only accept Su Beis good intentions.

At night, Lu Heting had something to do too.

Hence, Su Bei drove her car to the scene alone.

In the past when she was working in America, this was how she always did things.

She would just handle everything herself.

Besides it being a little troublesome, she was familiar with everything else.

When she parked her car in the parking lot, she caught the attention of a man.

Her car had various functions and an excellent appearance, which made this young master, who loved cars as much as he loved his own life, yearn for it.

However, there was no such car in the market.

He walked around Su Beis car a few times.

The more he thought about it, the more anxious he became.

He wished he could get into the car himself and check what other functions there were.

He would only know if he was in the car, and he especially wanted to experience the feeling of driving this car.

Unfortunately, Su Bei had already gotten out of the car and left.

After the man walked around the car a few times, he had no choice but to enter the venue first.

Su Bei did not know that her car had attracted the interest of another person.

She carried her bag into the venue and went to her designated spot.

Just as she sat down, Liao Xintong sat beside Su Bei in her high heels.

“Su Bei, what a coincidence.”

Su Bei smiled and greeted, “Miss Liao.”

She still remembered Lu Hetings words.

Liao Xintongs character was worrying.

Thinking about how Liao Xintong had a friend like Sun Man, Su Bei wanted to keep a respectful distance from Liao Xintong.

After politely greeting her, she looked away.

“Su Bei, are you familiar with Mr.

Weijian” Liao Xintong asked.

Even though Lu Weijian had previously said that he did not like Su Bei and was not pursuing her, Lu Weijians name had appeared on the hot searches at just the right time.

Cai Anyings face was swollen from the slap he gave her.

Liao Xintong felt that it could not be a coincidence.

Su Bei smiled sincerely, but her words were perfunctory.

“Not really.

We just have a working relationship.”

“Then, do you know Lu Heting” Liao Xintong suddenly mentioned this name.

When she mentioned this name, her eyes were filled with emotions.

It could be seen at a glance that she had feelings for the man,”

“Yeah, its not surprising, right” Su Bei saw through Liao Xintongs intentions and said with reservations.

Lu Heting was Lu Weijians chauffeur and everyone knew he worked with Lu Weijian.

It would be a lie to say that she did not know Lu Heting.

A hint of jealousy flashed across Liao Xintongs eyes.

Su Bei really had a good relationship with Lu Weijian and even met Lu Heting before.

Lu Hetings identity was a secret.

Many people did not know his real identity.

In fact, many did not even know that Lu Corporation had such a leader hiding behind the scenes.

Lu Heting was low-key, calm, and reserved.

If not for Gun Gun, Liao Xintong believed that she would never have any interaction with him.

Su Bei had already met him, which meant that the relationship between Su Bei and Lu Weijian was not as distant as it seemed on the surface.

Their relationship must have progressed to some extent.

“Then you and Lu Heting…”

Liao Xintong wanted to ask how close she was to Lu Heting.


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