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Chapter 439: Good Things Are Coming

It was such a vague answer.

Although it wasnt a direct admission, the effect it caused was better than an admission!

Seeing the shy smile on her face, everyone thought that the rumors were true.

Cai Anying and Lu Weijian would soon be sharing the good news!

Cai Anyings popularity had reached it peak since her debut.

Countless people would compare her to Su Bei.

Many people also thought of Su Bei as a joke now.

Without Lu Weijians support, would she still be able to earn quick money and be successful

At this moment, Lu Weijians gaming team appeared on the list of hot topics.

S Nation had won their first international match!

The citizens of S Nation had always been patriotic.

Everyone had a strong sense of camaraderie when it came to matters of national honor.

They all paid attention to the news and reposted it.

At this moment, everyone noticed Lu Weijians figure in the spectator stand.


Weijian also had fans.

Not only did he have a lot of homebody gamer fans but also many fans who obsessed over looks.

The homebody gamer fans might not be involved with the entertainment industry, but these fans who were obsessed with looks were the link to the entertainment industry.

Soon, everyone began to dig up Lu Weijians schedule.

When Cai Anyings photo was taken, Lu Weijian was not even in China.

The financial magazines interview was also dug out.

The interview clearly stated that Lu Weijian was with his team throughout the training and even directed the logistics work.

Lu Weijians fans originally did not want to bother themselves about Cai Anyings matter, but they had changed their minds.

“Rookie, come out and get beaten up! Can you explain how Lu Weijian managed to sneak into America while being with you”

“How shameless! From the moment I started paying attention to Lu Weijian, I knew he loves games and has no interest in women at all.

We pretended not to see the hype you created previously, but youre still trying to ride on his coattails.”

“Thats right.

Do you think so less of Mr.

Weijian Do you think that hed be interested in someone who has had plastic surgery”

“In the past, Su Bei was the games spokesperson personally chosen by Mr.


However, there have never been any photos of them meeting in private.

Su Bei participated in all sorts of activities and interviews, but she never once mentioned Mr.

Weijians name at all.

She stuck to her duties and worked hard.

On the other hand, this Cai Anying has nothing to do with Mr.

Weijian yet she photoshopped a photo of them and started rumors herself.

I really dont know who gave her the audacity.”

“The person above is right.

She still has the cheek to compare herself to Su Bei.

Is she even worthy of carrying Su Beis shoes”

After hearing what the fans were saying, everyone realized that Su Bei had never relied on Lu Weijian to gain popularity.

She had never even responded to the matter with Cai Anying.

Cai Anying, on the other hand, was a troublemaker.

Immediately, a genius analyzed the photo of Cai Anying and Lu Weijian.

They realized that it was indeed photoshopped.

The traces of photoshop were mercilessly pointed out by this genius.

Before Su Beis fans could attack Cai Anying, Lu Weijians fans had already launched their attack.

Everyone who was paying attention to Lu Weijians gaming team that participated in the international competition was also mocking Cai Anying.

Cai Anyings popularity had fallen to the lowest point in history.

No matter what kind of news she released or what activities she participated in, all she got was ridicule.

The few fans that she had were struggling.

She stepped on Su Bei to gain fame only to suffer a complete defeat.


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