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Chapter 435: Fake Sick Leave

At 10 p.m., HU held a press conference.

This time, it was Mr.

Walter who publicly responded to Sun Mans allegation.

He would also take this opportunity to explain things to everyone.

A supermodel and a brand were involved in a public fight, and another model was also dragged into the matter.

Naturally, the reporters rushed to the meeting hall where HU was holding the press conference.


Walter appeared on the main stage.


Walter, why did you cancel Sun Mans appearance in HUs next show Did you replace Sun Man with Su Bei”

“Did Su Bei steal Sun Mans job, or was it a decision from HU”

“This incident has caused serious damage to Sun Man and her fans.

Is HU planning to publicly apologize”

“Will Su Bei appear and apologize with you”


Walter got right to the point.

“Today, HU will make a public statement about the matter.

But its not an apology.

Were just letting the public know the truth.

“As you all know, during the last HU wristwatch show, Miss Sun Man applied for leave due to her illness, which affected our show.

Fortunately, Su Bei saved the situation at the last minute and we got to avoid a crisis.

“However, there are rumors that Su Bei stole Miss Sun Mans job and it has brought a huge negative impact on Su Bei.

Today, well be apologizing to Su Bei.”

The reporters were more concerned about why Sun Mans appearance was canceled.

“What about this time Sun Man didnt apply for leave because of her illness.

She was making sure she got enough rest so that she could return to work as soon as possible.”

This was what Mr.

Walter was going to explain tonight.

He said, “Hu and Miss Sun Man initially shared a working relationship and we wouldnt have canceled her runway show.

However, we found out that Miss Sun Man was actually not sick during the last runway show.

She was drinking and dancing in a nightclub!

“I dont know why Miss Sun Man would do that, and I dont want to pry into other peoples private matters either.

However, HU wont tolerate lying and having deceitful working partners.

“This is the real reason why we terminated our cooperation with her!”

The reporters instantly went into an uproar.

“Sun Man wasnt sick But she showed her medical leave slip.”

“She doesnt even care about her job and went to have fun in a nightclub She even caused Su Bei to be criticized so harshly.

She shouldnt blame others for canceling her appearance.”

“But wheres the evidence If theres no evidence, how can you wrongly accuse a female artist”


Walter showed a photo.

It was a photo of Sun Man drinking and singing in a nightclub with some investors on the night of the HUs wristwatch show.


Walter had received plenty of such photos.

Sun Man had probably drunk no less than ten bottles of wine that night.

How could a sick person who needed to be hospitalized drink so much


Walter was a cautious man.

When he received the photos, he made a special effort to investigate and verify the authenticity of the photos.

When the photos were confirmed to be real, he was extremely angry.

In order to be qualified to work with HU, the models not only needed to have potential but had to be diligent as well.

They needed to be honest and have good morals!

Otherwise, the brand would have to pay for the scandals the models got involved in later!

“So Sun Man really wasnt sick! She put on an act and even made a fake medical leave slip!”


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