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Chapter 433: I Was Sick, So I Have An Excuse

When Sun Man saw this, she scolded her assistant, “Why did you get a medical leave slip Why did you leave evidence behind”

“The contract stipulates that you cant be absent unless youre seriously ill.

If you dont have a medical leave slip, youll be breaching the contract…” The assistant felt wronged.

This was such a difficult job.

Whether she did one thing or the other, she would be blamed all the same.

If she did not get a medical leave slip for Sun Man, would they wait for the brand to sue Sun Man for breach of contract, then

Sun Man wanted to suppress Su Bei, but Su Bei easily turned the tables.

Sun Man talked about her condition on Weibo, writing: “Im sorry, everyone.

Ive been in the hospital for a few days now to undergo check-ups and recuperate, so I didnt see the criticisms online.

If Ive caused any inconvenience to you, Id like to express my apologies.

I would also like to thank everyone for your concern over my health.

Id like to thank HU for their trust in me as well.

When Im discharged from the hospital, Ill walk for HUs next wristwatch show.

See you all.”

She used her illness to gain a wave of sympathy and also cleared her name as to why she did not clarify things for Su Bei.

In short, she said she was sick and used that as her excuse.

She distanced herself from the harsh criticisms that were aimed at Su Bei previously and promised to continue working hard after she recovered.

She wanted to tell everyone,Please forgive me.

It made Su Beis fans who wanted to seek justice for Su Bei appear as though they were being unreasonable.

She was already sick, yet they still forced her.

Sun Man, who was standing on the moral high ground, beamed with happiness.

“Ill give you a hug, Sun Man.

Get well soon.”

“Sun Man, dont let this affect you.

Get well soon.”

“My Sun Man is the best.

No one is allowed to slander her!”

“Shameless!” Lv Shan called Su Bei and said, “Shes shameless to the extreme.

She caused so much trouble for you but has even gotten the sympathy of countless people.”

Su Bei also saw the news.

“Sun Man being able to get this far means that her position is really high up.

Lets see how she falls one day.”

She was tired too.

She needed to rest.

Gun Gun lay on her lap and played with some toys.

Meanwhile, Da Bao was reading a thick English book…

Lu Heting was reading the newspaper.

Su Bei felt that such a life was the best.

There seemed to be something in this house that blocked out the foul atmosphere of the outside world.

No matter what problems she encountered, when she saw the scene before her, she would recover her energy and could face her troubles again.

However, what Su Bei did not know was that Lu Heting had secretly sent the things he had found out after his investigation to HU.

Sun Man wanted to participate in HUs next wristwatch show It would not be so easy for her.

He walked toward Su Bei and smiled.

“Do you want to go to the amusement park tonight”

“I want to go!” Gun Gun was the first to raise his hand.

Although Da Bao was not interested, he knew that Su Bei had been working hard recently and needed to relax.

He put down his book.

“Ill go too.”

“Okay, Ill go with my two babies!” Su Bei immediately put down his phone.

Lu Heting suggested that everyone should not bring their phones and other devices so that they could just have fun.

He did not want Su Bei to be affected by the criticisms.

Su Bei agreed.

She did not want to continue reading what was being said on the internet.

Da Bao glanced at Lu Heting and agreed with the mans suggestion.

He wanted Su Bei to relax, but he was not as thoughtful as Lu Heting.

Lu Heting drove them to the amusement park.

As it was a weekday, there were only a few people in the amusement park apart from Lu Hetings family of four.


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