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Chapter 431: Su Bei Is Married

She said loudly to the crowd, “Everyone, please be quiet.”

Hearing that Su Bei had something to say, the crowd was silent for a moment.

The reporter pointed the microphone at Su Bei.

At the same time, Lu Heting had his back turned to everyone.

He was facing Su Bei and protecting her from all angles, leaving no room for negotiation.

“Everyone, I respect all the works Ive taken on and the arrangements of all the brands.

I hope that others can do the same.

I believe life will not let down everyone who works hard,” said Su Bei.

With that, she walked away from the crowd and did not say another word.

Lu Heting protected her and they quickly got into the car.

Yue Ze and Lv Shan followed suit.

However, it was obvious that the reporters did not approve of Su Beis response.

What did she mean by that Did she mean that she deserved the job and Sun Man was slandering her She was a hardworking person and Sun Man was not

Sun Mans fans were even more dissatisfied.

They launched a series of vicious attacks against Su Bei online, calling her a malignant tumor in the industry and a monster in the modeling circle.

Cai Anying took this as an opportunity to gain more popularity.

“Heting, why are you here” Su Bei was surprised and touched.

“If I didnt show up after such a huge incident, itd be a waste of your husbands identity.”

Yue Ze sat in the back row, flabbergasted.

Su Bei was married Why had he never heard her mention such a big matter before

Lv Shan said to Yue Ze, “Su Bei has already told President Tang.

Plus, Su Bei got married five years ago.

Its a fact that she entered the industry after getting married.”

Yue Ze was silent.

If that was the case, then it would be a test of his ability as an agent.

No wonder he felt that Lu Heting was a little different.

His aura was different from ordinary bodyguards, but he just thought that he was a retired special forces bodyguard hired by Su Bei.

Su Bei dealt with many things on her own, and Yue Ze was unaware of this, which was why he misunderstood.

Now that he knew Lu Heting was Su Beis husband, he knew why he had such an imposing manner.

He exuded such a strong aura because he wanted to protect his loved one.

It was an aura that came from the heart.

Lu Heting saw Yue Ze and Lv Shan together and knew that Su Bei still had work to do.

He asked, “Where are we going now”

“Were heading to HU to look for evidence that Sun Man took a leave of absence because she was feeling unwell,” Su Bei said.

Lu Heting nodded and drove toward the address Su Bei gave him.

Sometimes, he should just be a chauffeur and stay by her side—even if it was just for a minute.

Su Bei, Yue Ze, and Lv Shan met the person in charge of the brand.


Walter, who was in charge of the Asian region of the brand, was temporarily in S Nation because of some work.

He happily welcomed Su Bei.

“Miss Su, I saw you model the wristwatch previously and our designer kept praising you as well.

To be honest, I wanted to talk to you at that time but you had already left.”

“Sorry, I had something urgent to attend to at that time, so I left first.” Su Bei smiled.


Walter knew that Lv Shan had fainted.

He looked at her and asked, “Is Miss Lv feeling better now”

“Much better.

Thanks for asking.”

“Are you guys here to discuss the endorsement deal Come, have a seat.”

Su Bei sat down.

“Im sorry, Mr.

Walter, but Im not here because of the endorsement.

I havent taken any endorsements so far.”


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