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Chapter 43: Chapter 43 I Trust You

When Su Huixian walked out of the room, she tried her best to maintain a light smile on her face.

However, there were cracks in her strong facade, which seemed like it would crumble and fall at any moment.

She staggered and was about to lose her balance.

She could bear losing to anyone but Su Bei.

She was not convinced by this result.

Qiu Minxuan stepped forward and held Su Huixians arm.

She had never expected that Su Bei would appear at the most critical moment and snatch Su Huixians qualification from under her feet.

“Minxuan, when shall we discuss my schedule” Su Bei asked lightly, walking up to Qiu Minxuan.

Qiu Minxuan had no choice but to smile.

“How about tomorrow You can come to the company tomorrow.

And congratulations, Su Bei.”

The corners of Su Beis lips lifted into a small sneer.


I just hope todays little accident wont repeat itself tomorrow,” she said seriously.

“Minxuan, I dont think anyone would want to hurt the interests of the company, right” she added.

Qiu Minxuan mustered up an awkward smile.

Su Bei walked out of the building and found Lu Heting waiting for her outside.

In the darkness of the night, he stood in an inconspicuous corner, hidden by the shadows.

It seemed that he didnt want to be noticed.

However, he had a tall and commanding figure, so it was very hard for him to avoid being noticed.

His appearance won the attention of all the passers-by, who couldnt help but steal glances at him.

Su Bei quickened her pace and returned the motorcycle to him.

She cheekily complained, “Mr.

Lu, your motorcycle is too heavy! Im exhausted after lugging it around.”

“Since it helped you, you shouldnt insult it.” He held out his right hand and added, “Congratulations.”

Su Bei was not the kind of woman who hid her emotions.

He could tell from the brilliant smile on her face that she was qualified to be on the stage of the show.

Sure enough, she reached out and shook his hand.

“You mean I should do something to thank you, right”

“Well, if its not too much trouble.” Lu Heting gestured at the pillion seat, inviting her to get on.

“I havent ridden it for a long time.

Would you like to go for a ride with me”

In response, Su Bei swung her leg over the motorcycle, straddling it without any problem.

After putting on his helmet and adjusting it, Lu Heting drove away.

Su Bei sat behind him with her arms casually wrapped around his strong waist.

This time, Lu Heting didnt ride fast, but maintained a constant speed.

Feeling the warmth of her body on his back, he smiled unknowingly.

“You havent taken a taxi for days,” Lu Heting said in a flat voice.

“What How do you know that”

“Because I didnt receive your call.”

She snorted in amusement.


Lu, it seems that you still have a lot to learn about your part-time job.

Just because I book a taxi doesnt mean that I will get assigned to your car every time.

The probability of that happening is actually very small.”

“Havent you gone out at all recently”

“Of course I have.

Sometimes I took a vehicle worth millions, and sometimes I took a vehicle worth more than 100 million,” Su Bei replied in a relaxed voice.

For a moment, a hint of concern flickered in Lu Hetings eyes.

But he quickly realized that she was talking about taking the bus and the train.

In no time, they were riding along the winding mountain roads again.

Su Bei was in considerably better spirits this time.

Earlier, she had been in such a hurry to attend the interview that she hadnt had the time or the mood to enjoy the journey.

But now, she was able to completely immerse herself in the journey.

After a while, she asked, “Can I ride the motorcycle”

“Sure.” Lu Heting slowed to a stop, and then got off the motorcycle.

“Its been a while since I rode a motorcycle the last time.

Arent you afraid that I will fling us both off the mountain”

“I trust you.” Lu Heting lowered his head and looked at her through the visor of the helmet.

This simple sentence touched Su Beis heart, making her nose twitch with emotion.


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