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Chapter 428: Cai Anying Stole Lu Weijian

That night, Su Huixian bought a marketing account and released a statement about Su Bei.

Originally, the marketing account had been bought for Cai Anying to promote her performance during the show for the luxury brands wristwatch and how she got on the same show as Su Bei.

However, Cai Anying did not go on stage.

Even so, Su Huixian would not let her money go to waste and quickly changed the content of the post to talk about Su Beis arrogant attitude.

In the post, it was said that Su Bei looked down on newcomers and deliberately suppressed Cai Anying.

The attached photo was of Cai Anying extending her hand to greet Su Bei but Su Bei completely ignored her and did not shake her hand.

At the same time, she also secretly hired keyboard warriors to deliberately exaggerate the truth.

For a moment, the news of Su Bei looking down on newcomers was trending.

“Does Su Xiaobei even need to step on a newbie She was supposed to be the model for the opening show from the start.

Did that noob accept the invitation that night”

“The entertainment industry is filled with newcomers.

Will Su Bei step on every new model”

“Su Bei is really too arrogant.

I heard that shes only willing to earn quick money and cant even be bothered to shoot some slightly more difficult advertisements.

Shes practically a malignant tumor in the modeling industry.”

The keyboard warriors comments were even more confusing as they mixed in the truth with lies.

“Actually, I think Su Bei is pretty good but shes too lazy and rejected many endorsements and advertisements.

I really cant stand such artists who only want money but dont work hard to improve themselves.

I dont know if I should continue to be her fan, sigh.”

Compared to the fans who defended Su Bei and the anti-fans who slandered her, the keyboard warriors were especially lethal.

For a moment, Su Beis career plan caused a huge discussion.

Even her own fans were slightly dissatisfied.

They felt that her current momentum was great and she was constantly receiving invitations from everywhere, but she did not take on any valuable work.

She kept focusing on doing walks, which was really a waste of Gods gifts.

The internet warriors took the opportunity to voice out.

“Su Bei cant be thinking of relying on the financial backer behind her to continue doing this and earn quick money, right If thats really the case, then Im too disappointed in her.”

“Who is Su Beis backer”

“Could it be Lu Weijian from Lu Corporation”

“Who else could it be”

“The commenter above is spouting nonsense.

If Su Bei is really together with Lu Weijian, they would be a perfect match.

Dont think that just because youre despicable, others would be too.”

Regardless of whether they were against it or supporting it, everyone was in an uproar.

Therefore, Su Huixian bought an account and immediately released a photo of Lu Weijian and Cai Anying together.

Although it did not look very clear, Lu Weijian was considered a public figure while Cai Anyings popularity had been rising recently.

Anyone with eyes could tell their identities at a glance.

Moreover, according to insiders, the photo was taken on the night of the show.

Lu Weijian and Cai Anying were seen together!

This immediately caused an endless debate.

They were saying that Su Bei was suppressing Cai Anying because Cai Anying had snatched away Lu Weijian, Su Beis backer!

“No wonder Su Bei treated Cai Anying so badly.

It turns out theres so much going on behind the scenes.”

“Lu Weijian is too much.

Su Bei is a natural beauty.

Cai Anyings face and figure are fine if you look at them separately but they cant be compared to Su Beis.

What is he thinking”


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