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Chapter 423 - Using Power To Suppress Her

Su Bei is indeed very foolish.

In the future, when she loses her popularity and can't even afford new clothes and bags, she'll definitely cry and regret it.

Sun Man said, I'm already an international supermodel but Su Bei is just starting out.

Plus, I have the support of Miss Liao behind me.

Go backstage and communicate with the brand.

Get them to have me do the opening.

I'll go look for Su Bei.

She stood up and walked toward Su Bei, sitting beside her.

Miss Su, what a coincidence.

We meet again, Sun Man greeted Su Bei with a smile.

Su Bei faintly smiled as a greeting.

If it were not for Gun Gun, she would never have given in to Liao Xintong and expressed her goodwill to Sun Man.

Su Bei would never have had any other interactions with her.

Sun Man said, Su Bei, you know my relationship with Miss Liao.

Although she didn't come today, she has always supported me.

Mmm, congratulations, Miss Sun.

After Sun Man finished laying out the important facts, she said, I know that you were chosen by the brand to start the show.

But even though they chose you, it's not impossible for us to rearrange it.

Even the brand has to show Miss Liao some respect.

She quickly brought up Liao Xintong to give herself a boost of confidence and hoped that Su Bei could understand the meaning behind her words.

Miss Sun, what do you mean

I want to swap with you.

Give me the opening, and I'll give you the middle slot.

Actually, walking in the opening or middle won't be too different.

After saying that, Sun Man firmly believed that Su Bei would definitely agree to her request.

Although this request was a little too much.

It would require some coordination between the agents and convincing the brand.

However, since Sun Man had brought up Miss Liao, it was not impossible to get it done.

Su Bei burst out laughing.

Sun Man's expression changed.

Why What are you laughing at

I just find it a little funny.

Why did you come to me for this request Why do you think that I'd definitely agree to your plans

Miss Su, you haven't accepted any endorsements or advertisements.

It seems to me you don't want any resources.

Just give me the opening, it won't affect your career growth.

This is very important to me.

Is this a good enough reason

Su Bei laughed.

Then what benefits can I get

Sun Man, …

Indeed, Su Bei agreeing to swap with Sun Man would not bring her any benefits.

Sun Man smiled.

Isn't it good enough to curry favor with Miss Liao Su Bei, smart people all know that currying favor with Miss Liao is more important than currying favor with a brand.

Su Bei had a good temper.

However, it also depended on the person in front of her.

If they were polite and friendly, Su Bei would not hesitate to help them.

If they only knew how to use power to suppress her and thought that she would fall at the feet of power, then they were gravely mistaken!

She would never lower her head because of this.

In fact, she was even disgusted by this practice of thinking that one could lord over others just because they had money.

She was tired of Sun Man's attitude.

Su Bei's red lips curled up into a charming smile.

I'm sorry, Miss Sun.

I'm not swapping!

Su Bei, you!

It's supposed to be mine.

Why should I give it to someone else

Sun Man smiled and said, Alright, alright, alright.

I'll see if you can still refuse if it's the brand themselves asking you to swap!


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