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Chapter 404: You Can Challenge Me With Your IQ

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The three of them went to the school together, found the examination room, and sat down.

There were already many students and parents in the room.

When they saw Lu Heting and Su Bei, they all looked at them with amazement in their eyes.

Obviously, the appearance of this family of three had completely overwhelmed everyone present.

Fortunately, Su Bei had dressed up in a certain way.

At this moment, no one recognized Su Bei as the supermodel who shone brightly on the stage.

When all the parents and students were present, a teacher stood on the podium and introduced themselves.

“Hello, everyone.

My surname is Pan and you can call me Teacher Pan.

Today, the students in our classroom will take the exam to skip to the third grade.

If they pass, theyll enter the third grade..

If they unfortunately fail, well go according to the normal progression upon enrollment.”

Everyone nodded.

The children were both nervous and full of expectations.

Teacher Pan also said some things to take note of so that everyone could have their doubts clarified.

In half an hour, the children would take the exam in this examination hall.

“Su Zhuoqian, you havent been to primary school and youre still young.

You have to carefully read through this list of things to take note of, alright” Teacher Pan reminded Da Bao enthusiastically.

“Alright, Teacher Pan,” Da Bao said politely.

Teacher Pan added, “Also, if you want to quit now or if you face any problem, you can come to me in the half an hour of time that we have now and talk to me.”

With that, she led the parents outside and left the children alone.

The parents left the classroom one by one.

It only took a few minutes for the students to finish reading the list of things to take note of.

When they heard that Da Bao had never attended primary school, several students crowded around him and asked him questions.

“Su Zhuoqian, have you really never attended primary school before Youve never even been in the first grade”

“Yes,” Da Bao replied with a cold expression.

In his eyes, these first years were especially childish.

They were not any more mature than Gun Gun.


Most of the children here were in the first to third grades.

They were all curious when they heard that Da Bao had never been to primary school.

“Did you just study up till kindergarten Did you learn arithmetic in kindergarten Do you know how to comprehend word problems”

“Yes,” Da Bao replied.

He had always been cold and aloof.

He would not engage in casual conversation and only respond out of politeness.

A tall and strong boy walked up to him and said, “All the students here are at least in the first grade.

You havent even attended kindergarten yet.

How dare you challenge us”

The boy was very rude and unreasonable.

He looked at Da Bao fiercely.

Judging from his height, he was indeed a head taller than Da Bao.

He was already older than seven years old.

Da Bao raised his head and looked at him.

“If even you can challenge me with your IQ, why wouldnt I dare to”

The tall and strong child was stunned for a moment.

It was only a moment later that he realized the mocking words Da Bao had just said to him.

He said, “Everyone here is trying to enter the third grade.

Weve even learned multiplications.

Do you know what one plus one is Can you write your own name”

He raised his fist and asked.

Da Bao gave him a sidelong glance.


“How dare you say that Im lame Let me tell you, not only am I good at my studies, but Im also good at sports.

I can defeat three people like you with one hand.

You cant pass the exam, so you might as well leave now.

Otherwise, itll be too embarrassing for you!”


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