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Chapter 401: Someone Wanted To Be My Mommy

When he did not know what to say, Aunt Chen came over and said, “Miss Liao, Young Master is coming to pick up Little Master.”

“Young Master Lu is coming” Liao Xintong quickly touched up her makeup.

Aunt Chen held Gun Guns hand and said in a low voice, “Young Master told us to go downstairs directly.

As usual, hes waiting at the usual spot.”

Every time Lu Heting came to pick Gun Gun up, he never took a step inside.

Feeling disappointed, Liao Xintong bit her red lip.

Even with Gun Gun by her side, she had never been favored by Lu Heting.

If it were not for the pressure from the elders of the Lu family, she might not even be able to see Gun Gun.

Even now, Lu Heting still refused to see her.

However, only a man like Lu Heting could make her feel safe.

If he did not want to see her, it also meant that he would not see other women.

All women were equal in front of Lu Heting.

What she lacked was time.

“Gun Gun, let me take you downstairs.” Liao Xintong held his hand.

When they got downstairs, Gun Gun broke free from her grip and ran straight to Lu Hetings car.

Liao Xintong hurried forward.

Lu Heting picked Gun Gun up and buckled him into the safety seat in the backseat.

“Young Master Lu,” Liao Xintong greeted.

Lu Heting nodded slightly as a response.

Without saying a word, he drove away.

Liao Xintong slightly clenched her fists and looked at the dust left by the car that was speeding away.

When Gun Gun got home, he felt relaxed.

A smile immediately appeared on his round face.

He hugged Su Bei and buried his head in her shoulders as if this was the only way to get rid of the gloominess he felt from before.

Su Bei hugged him quietly for a while before asking in a low voice, “Whats wrong, my sweetheart”

“Its so nice to hold Bei Bei,” Gun Gun said in a childish voice.

“Bei Bei thinks so too.

It feels so good to hold Gun Gun.”

Gun Gun raised his head and looked at Su Bei seriously.

“Bei Bei, if someone wants to be my mommy, what should I do”

Su Beis heart skipped a beat as a wave of displeasure surged through her body.

Was there such a woman

It did not seem strange.

Lu Heting was a good man, and he was one of the best bachelors in Jingdu City.

It was not strange that women liked him.

“Who said that”

“Its my aunt.

She asked me today if she could be my mommy.”

Su Bei suddenly thought of Liao Xintong, Liao Qings sister and Gun Guns legitimate aunt.

She did not expect that Liao Xintong would fall for Lu Heting.

It was not surprising.

After all, it was normal for sisters to have the same preferences and it was reasonable that they would fall in love with the same man.

Besides, Liao Qing had died in a car accident a long time ago.

Liao Xintong probably did not have anything to feel guilty about for liking Lu Heting.

However, hearing Gun Guns words made Su Bei feel empty and uncomfortable.

Perhaps in the future, Liao Xintong would really be the one who raised Gun Gun and Da Bao.

She hoped that Liao Xintong would at least treat Da Bao and Gun Gun equally.

“Bei Bei, do you think I should get her to be my mommy” Gun Gun frowned seriously.

Obviously, this question made him feel very uncomfortable.

Su Bei asked softly, “Then are you willing to have her become your mommy”


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