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Chapter 398: Get The Driver To Pick Them Up

Today was when Liao Xintong and Gun Gun had agreed to meet.

Lu Heting narrowed his eyes slightly and was a little unhappy about it.

However, since it was an agreement, he did not say much and let Aunt Chen take Gun Gun away.

Just then, he received a call from the butler of the old mansion.

“Young Master, Old Master and Old Madam want to see you.”

“Okay,” Lu Heting replied.

He drove back to the old mansion.

Lu Weijian and Mrs.

Lu were there.

The decorations in the old mansion were still the same, exuding a classical elegance.

Old Master Lu and Matriarch Lu were still young.

They were not even in their 70s yet, so they were still energetic.

Seeing Lu Heting come back, their eyes lit up.

“Wheres my precious grandson”

“He went to the Liao familys villa,” Lu Heting said.

The smiles on the faces of Old Master Lu and Matriarch Lu disappeared at once.

They muttered, “Youre really something.

You havent been back for a long time.

Now that youre finally back, you didnt bring my precious Gun Gun back.

I feel so empty and sad.”

“Gun Gun is supposed to go to the Liao family today,” Lu Heting reminded them.

The two elderly did not say anything.

After all, they had put in a lot of effort to get Gun Gun close to the Liao family.

Now that they had been reminded by Lu Heting, the two of them could not say anything.

Lu Heting looked at Lu Weijian and Mrs.

Lu with a questioning look in his eyes.

Lu Weijian hurriedly looked at him and said with his gaze,I didnt tell my grandparents about my sister-in-law and nephew.


Lu also shook her head helplessly.

If she refused to listen to her son, she would not have been able to stay in the Lu family.

Matriarch Lu could not help but say, “Since Gun Gun has gone to see Liao Xintong, why dont you go as well That woman isnt bad.

Shes been patiently watching over you and Gun Gun for four years.

It hasnt been easy for her.”

“Grandma, I have a wife,” Lu Heting reminded her.

Matriach Lu sighed.

“Okay, okay.”

She had been hearing these words for a long time, but she had not seen him bring his granddaughter-in-law home yet.

As expected, Old Master Lus face darkened with displeasure.

However, Lu Heting was not only his grandson but also the person in charge of Lu Group now.

His authority was no longer comparable to his grandsons, so it was inappropriate for him to say anything harsh.

Seeing this, Lu Weijian hurriedly said, “Butler, isnt it time to eat Lets talk while we eat.”

Soon, everyone was seated at the table.

Lu Heting cleared his throat and said, “Grandpa, Grandma, my wife, Su Bei, has returned from the United States with my son.

So please dont talk about the Liao family anymore.

Gun Gun only meets Liao Xintong once a month.”

Hearing this, the muscles on Old Master Lus face twitched in pleasant surprise.

“Shes back And you have a grandson Whats his name How old is he Where did he go to school Why didnt you tell me earlier Where is my grandson Lu Weijian, you little brat, how could you help your brother hide this from us You two are really…”

Lu Weijian patted his shoulder and said, “Grandpa, this is my brothers affair.

Of course, he should be the one to tell you.”

Lu Hetings mother looked happy.

“Then why didnt you bring them back with you Hurry up and call them over.

Butler, prepare two more sets of cutlery and get a driver to pick them up.



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