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Chapter 394: Su Bei Is Wearing A Knockoff

#Su Bei Wearing A Knockoff# and #YS Has Never Released Su Beis Evening Gown Before# quickly became the most trending topics.

The debate on whether or not Su Bei was wearing a knockoff was the talk of the town.

“Su Bei shouldnt go to the extent of wearing knockoffs, and its true that YS has never produced such a gown.

Whats going on”

“Maybe its because of the stylist Perhaps Su Bei just doesnt want to admit it.”

“Maybe its just a misunderstanding.

Miss Su will never do such a thing.”

“Previous posters, please dont blame the stylist and say that its a misunderstanding.

It was your idol who admitted that she was wearing YS.

The host had already given her a way out but she didnt explain things.

If she can afford it, she can wear it.

But if she cant afford it, its wrong for her to take advantage of the popularity of other brands.

Thats a little immoral.”

“Thats right.

Su Bei said that it was sponsored by YS.

Although she was trying to make herself look good, why didnt she think that she would be ridiculed by the public”

As soon as the red carpet event ended, Tang Xinru called Su Bei over.

“Su Bei, why arent you wearing the latest evening gown provided by YS” Not only had Tang Xinru read the news online, but she also knew that Su Bei had changed her gown at the last minute.

Even Su Beis agent, Yue Ze, did not know what was going on.

Su Bei briefly explained the situation to him.

“President Tang, Hao Jiali already wore the gown, so I didnt want to put it on.”

“But things are getting out of hand now…”

“President Tang, the gown Im wearing is indeed from YS.

Dont worry.” Su Bei told her about Wades visit.

Su Bei had already confirmed his identity before this.

Otherwise, she would not have dared to wear his evening gown and walk on the red carpet.

Tang Xinru nodded.

“I see.

Ill talk to Jian Ping.

Maybe its just a misunderstanding.”

“Okay,” Su Bei replied calmly.

However, Tang Xinru knew that it was not a misunderstanding.

She had been in Sheng Tang for a long time.

She knew that Jian Ping had become more and more arrogant.

With Hao Jiali as her backer, she thought she had the right to go against the company.

She did not expect that Jian Ping would suppress the new artists in the company and even defame Su Bei for her own personal gain.

It was just as she had expected.

It seemed that Su Bei would give them a resounding slap tonight.

Tang Xinru found Jian Ping.

Jian Ping smiled and said, “President Tang, Su Bei is too arrogant.

One of the staff members from YS came to deliver the evening gown to us tonight but she accidentally mixed up hers and Jialis.

When we found out about it, we went to exchange the gowns.

But Su Bei was a little unhappy and thought that we did it on purpose.”

“Really” Tang Xinru asked.

“Of course, we didnt do it on purpose.

The staff of YS is so busy.

They have to deliver clothes to so many artists every day.

Sometimes, they make a mistake, and everyone will understand.

I didnt expect that Su Bei would actually change evening gowns at the last minute.

She didnt even report it to the company, so shes now in a passive position.

Those who know the industry will think that she made a mistake.

But those outsiders might say that it was the companys mistake thats causing Su Bei to take the blame now.”

Tang Xinru thought that Jian Ping did not seem to think that she had done anything wrong tonight and was even trying to smooth things over and shirk responsibility.

She said meaningfully, “Su Beis mistake is a small matter.

But if someone is taking the opportunity to stir up trouble, it wont be a simple matter anymore.

Since its a misunderstanding, Ill ask Yue Ze to solve it.”


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