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Chapter 392: Seeing A Fairy Descend

Hao Jiali snorted.

“Its because she doesnt want to wear the clothes that Ive touched before, right In that case, Ill make sure to do it again and again.”

The red carpet event officially began.

As she was a senior, Hao Jiali took the lead.

The moment she appeared in the starry gown that she was wearing tonight, she attracted a lot of exclamations from the reporters.

“Such fair skin and what a beautiful gown! Hao Jiali is so beautiful!”

“Oh my God, Im drooling!”

“This gown is so beautiful.

What brand is it from I really want it.”

“Ive looked up at the gown.

Unfortunately, I cant even afford to fork up half the cost.”

“I admire designers so much.

Its as if one took the stars from the sky and put them on her gown.

It makes her look so pure.”

Hao Jiali went onto the stage.

After a brief interview, she stood on the stage and showed all kinds of poses for the reporters to take photos.

The reporters kept shouting, “Jiali, over here!

“Look here! Look here! We need to take more photos!”

She stayed on the stage longer than the others as the reporters and photographers wanted to take more photos of the gown she was wearing.

The host also liked it very much, so she did not urge them.

After everyone had taken enough photos, the host invited Hao Jiali to get off the stage and take a seat.

When Hao Jiali sat down, she thought that Su Bei would enter the venue soon.

She looked forward to it.

She really wanted to know what Su Bei was wearing.

She also wanted to know if Su Beis own gown could win over the reporters and photographers present today.

Thinking of this, she smiled.

At this moment, the host said, “The next person entering the venue is Su Bei.

She has just signed with Sheng Tang.

This is her first appearance as a model in Sheng Tang.

Shes wearing YS latest gown… No, this is not YS gown but it looks a little like…”

The information that the host received at the beginning stated that it was YS latest gown.

After Su Bei changed her gown, they did not update the information, so the host was a little caught off guard.

Hao Jiali could not help laughing.

The host was so surprised.

What exactly was Su Bei wearing

After getting out of the car, Su Bei stepped onto the red carpet.

As soon as she appeared, the reporters and photographers were all stunned.

They held their cameras, but for a moment, they forgot to press the shutters.

They even forgot to speak.

She was so beautiful!

If one said Hao Jiali had put the starry sky on her gown just now, then Su Bei was the starry sky itself.

Her eyes were bright and glowing, while she looked noble and pure.

As no one was saying anything or pressing the shutters, Hao Jiali was overjoyed.

Su Beis first appearance was ruined.

However, when she turned around, she saw a stunning woman on the red carpet.

Who was she

When Hao Jiali took a closer look, she saw that it was Su Bei.

It was really Su Bei!

The people around finally reacted at this moment.

The reporters and photographers all pressed the shutters.

“Oh my God! Im about to cry.

Im witnessing a fairy descending to earth with my own eyes!”

“Fairy, youve worked hard!”

“Although I know that its Su Bei, I really want to make a wish right now.

Why do I feel like itll come true after I make a wish”

“With that face, that figure, and those long legs, how could the heavens bear to let such a little fairy come down to the mortal world”

“Look at that gown! I heard that its the newest design from YS.”

“The gown looks nice and the person looks even better! Im in love!”

Lu Heting thought,Only I can fall in love with Su Bei!


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