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As soon as Su Bei got in the car, it followed the nanny van unhurriedly.

She looked out the window at the strange yet familiar landscape.

She had lived in this city for eighteen years, so a lot of places were still familiar to her.

However, as the world kept changing, there were also many new details different from what she remembered.

As she was deep in thought, the car continued to move.

When Su Bei came to her senses, she suddenly saw a forest surrounded by winding mountain roads through the window.

Surprised, she asked, “Sir, which road did you take”

“Minxuan just said that there was a traffic jam ahead and asked us to change the route, Miss Su.” The driver said confidently, “Dont worry.

Im very familiar with these roads in the mountain.

Youll get there in time.”

As she heard this, Su Bei was a little relieved.

She knew she could also reach the destination in this way.

After checking her watch, she was glad to find there should be enough time.

However, before Su Bei could rest assured, the car suddenly stopped with a click.

The driver hurriedly said, “Ill get out to have a look.”

Su Bei also got off the car and found herself standing on the hillside road, surrounded by an empty area.

The sky was already getting dark as the sun was setting in the distance.

“How is it going” Su Bei asked.

“It broke down.

Theres something wrong with the circuit.

I cant start the car.” With a guilty look on his face, the driver apologized, “Im sorry, Miss Su.

I didnt expect that would happen.”

Su Bei knew that wasnt an accident.

Whether the man was innocent or not, she didnt care at the moment.

After Su Bei passed the first test, she gained benefits that werent only for herself but for the company as well.

She didnt expect that Qiu Minxuan would dare to mess with the companys affairs!

“Miss Su, I called a towing company.

But since heres so remote, and its also the rush hour…” the driver said apologetically.

Su Bei then pulled her phone out and opened the app to call a taxi.

After entering the destination, she realized she was in a far more remote place than she had imagined.

If someone really came to pick her up, she wouldnt get to her test in time.

Besides, it was the rush hour.

In the application, the map was almost entirely red, which indicated that all roads were currently congested.

In fact, if a driver took the order, he might not be able to get to her soon.

Su Bei looked around and found that there was not even a shared bicycle in this damned place.

When she didnt know what else to do, a mans stern face suddenly popped into her mind.

As a full-time driver, he should be quite familiar with the roads and traffic conditions in Jingdu City.

Maybe he would know a way to get her out of there in time.

Without any hesitation, Su Bei grabbed her phone again and dialed Lu Hetings number.

She prayed that he wouldnt be too busy at the moment and didnt have to pick up his boss.

If she missed this opportunity, it might take a long time for another one to come.

Other people could afford to wait, but she couldnt.

Every second was way too precious to her.

Meanwhile, Lu Heting was unconsciously running his finger across his phones screen.

Three days had passed, but he never received another order from the taxi apps.

Also, Su Bei hadnt contacted him yet.

Hadnt she agreed to get to know each other

Lu Hetings eyes darkened.

As he was about to put his phone away, a series of numbers flashed on the screen.

Although there was no caller ID, Lu Heting knew those numbers by heart!



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