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Chapter 389: Return To Its Owner

Lv Shan had been in the entertainment industry for a long time, so she was very experienced.

She held Su Bei back from making mistakes

“Okay, let go of me.

Ill listen to you for now.” Su Bei restrained the urge in her heart.

In Hao Jialis dressing room, Xiao Lan felt so indignant after being humiliated.

However, upon thinking that she represented the company and she could not afford to offend a supermodel, she held back her tears and said, “Im sorry, Miss Hao.”

Afraid that it would affect her reputation, Jian Ping said, “Jiali, lets just change to another gown.

Didnt Manager Xiang give Su Bei a dress from YS Although its not the latest design, as long as you wear it, itll be a victory.

Hao Jiali had no choice but to agree.

“Xiao Lan, go to Su Bei and get her gown over here,” Jian Ping said.

“Sister Ping, I cant do such a thing.” Xiao Lan mustered up the courage to refuse.

Su Bei was a good person, so she could not bear to do anything to hurt her.

She would only be repaying kindness with hatred if she did.

Besides, it was an immoral thing to do.

Although she was just a small employee, she had her own professional ethics and dignity.

Jian Ping rolled her eyes at her.

Hearing that Jian Ping wanted to go look for them, Su Bei and Lv Shan quickly retreated to their dressing room.

Since they could now confirm that Xiao Lan was telling the truth, it was time for Jian Ping and Hao Jiali to pay for their actions this time.

Jian Ping and Hao Jiali went to look for Su Bei and Lv Shan in person.

“Su Bei, welcome to Sheng Tang!” Jian Ping said politely to Su Bei.

Then, she changed the topic and said, “I heard from Xiao Lan that she accidentally sent Hao Jialis evening gown to you.

Come, bring it out and give it to us.”

“Really So youre saying that Xiao Lan sent it to the wrong person Then please give mine to me first.

Lets exchange,” Su Bei said with a smile as though she had no idea what Jian Ping and Hao Jiali were up to.

Jian Ping was about to ask Xiao Lan to simply give Su Bei another gown to deal with her when Su Bei seemed to have read her mind.

She took out her phone and said, “Sister Ping, Ive already received the news.

The evening gown YS sent to me is supposed to be their latest design, its this one.”

She showed the photo to Jian Ping and said, “Sister Ping, dont end up mistaking the gowns.”

As a result, Jian Ping could not fool Su Bei anymore.

Her plan failed, and she tried her best to hold back her anger.

She had no choice but to smile and say, “Of course not.

Ill get someone to send it to you right away.”

Xiao Lan quickly brought back the evening gown and happily gave it to Su Bei.

Finally, the gown had returned to its owner.

Su Bei kept the evening gown handed to her, while Jian Ping was about to grab the other gown.

Su Bei stopped her and asked calmly, “Sister Ping, what are you doing”

“Im taking Hao Jialis evening gown back.”

“Did I say you could have it” Su Bei asked with a faint smile on her face as she took the evening gown back.

Jian Ping was furious.

“Su Bei, Xiao Lan made a mistake and gave the gown to the wrong person.

Now that your gown has been given back to you, shouldnt Jialis gown also be returned to her”

“Im sorry, Sister Ping.

I only know that the newest design is supposed to be mine.

As for the other gown, it was also sent to me.

As for how things were arranged on your end, Im not too sure about that.”

After returning the gown, they wanted to pretend as though nothing had happened.

It would not be that easy!


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