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Chapter 388: Are You Calling Me Fat

Su Bei was gentle and polite, but Jian Ping and Hao Jiali obviously did not take her seriously.

This made Xiao Lan, who already sympathized with Su Bei in the beginning, more inclined to take Su Beis side.

Seeing that Xiao Lan was not looking too good, Su Bei asked with concern, “Xiao Lan, are you okay Do you want to lie down and rest for a while”

Su Beis concern finally gave Xiao Lan enough courage to say, “Miss Su, actually, this dress isnt yours.”

“Huh, what happened” Su Bei was about to change her clothes when she heard this and stopped.

Xiao Lan told her what had happened just now.

“Actually, I shouldnt be telling you this, but I cant help it…”

“I know.

I wont tell anyone that you told me about this.

You can go back first.”

“Arent you trying on the evening gown first”

“Its not mine, so I wont wear it.” Su Bei put down the gown in her hand.

Xiao Lan did not want to stay here for too long either, so she walked out.

Lv Shan said angrily, “Jian Ping and Hao Jiali are too much.

How can they use such a trick to steal your gown from you This is your first public appearance in Sheng Tang.

You cant just let them bully you like this!”

“Lv Shan, being angry wont solve anything.

We dont even have any evidence.

We dont know if Xiao Lan is telling the truth.

Lets go to Jian Ping first.”

Su Beis words made sense, so Lv Shan also calmed down.

After Xiao Lan went out, she went to look for Jian Ping and Hao Jiali.

As a staff member of YS, she was obligated to style and fix the clothes so that they would look their best.

Hao Jiali was changing her clothes with the help of her assistant.

However, it was unexpected that Hao Jiali could not fit into the dress that was supposed to belong to Su Bei.

“Go and help her,” Jian Ping said to Xiao Lan.

Xiao Lan went in to help Hao Jiali, but the gown was too small.

When worn from the top, it was stuck on Hao Jialis shoulders and they could not pull it down.

When worn from the legs, it got stuck at her hips and they could not lift it up.

Hao Jiali, her assistant, and Xiao Lan were all sweating profusely but they could not help her put on the gown at all.

This was the latest gown from YS, and it was the most fitting to showcase her identity.

Hao Jiali could not help but slap Xiao Lan on the back.

“Whats wrong with you What kind of clothes did you bring What size is this”

“Its a size small,” Xiao Lan said seriously, but she was secretly laughing in her heart.

It was meant for Su Bei, so of course, Hao Jiali could not fit into it.

“Alter it right away until I can fit into it.” Hao Jiali would not give up.

Xiao Lan shook her head and said, “Im sorry, Miss Hao.

I only know how to fix small problems.

If the gown is too big, I can think of something.

But if the gown is too small, I cant do anything about it.”

“Are you saying that Im fat” Hao Jiali was already very angry because she could not wear the gown.

When she heard what Xiao Lan said, she was even angrier.

She slapped Xiao Lan across the face.

Su Bei was standing outside Hao Jialis dressing room, and when she heard that Hao Jiali had hit someone, she wanted to rush in.

However, Lv Shan dragged her away and said, “Su Bei, you just joined the company.

You dont have to ruin your reputation and future for a small-time staff member of another company.”

“Theyve gone too far!” Su Bei said through gritted teeth.


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