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Chapter 386: Find Another Way To Spoil Her

Lu Heting also felt that his efforts were not in vain as the woman liked it.

“But you and Mr.

Weijian shouldnt kick up a fuss again next time.

You guys spent too much money.

And to be frank, its not like Ill be joining Di Xing Media Company.

I feel uncomfortable owing Mr.


Lu Heting replied seriously, “Okay, I wont fool around with him again.”

He would find another way to spoil her next time.

Su Bei raised her bright eyes and smiled.

“I knew youd be the most reasonable.”

The next day, news of yesterdays banquet broke out.

“Wow, Sheng Tang really thinks highly of Su Bei.

How generous.”

“After this, Su Beis status in the modeling industry will quickly rise.”

“Its so funny.

Qian Yu Entertainment Company is such a big company but they couldnt even compete against Su Bei alone.

If it were me, Id be so ashamed.”

“Actually, I feel sorry for Su Huixian.

It feels terrible to be humiliated in public.”

“Whats so pitiful about Su Huixian Have you forgotten that she pretended to be pregnant and acted out her miscarriage to frame Su Bei”

“Anyone who doesnt pity Su Huixian, like my comment!!”

“I didnt expect that Su Bei could play the piano so well.

Shes really like a treasure! I love her!”

It was Su Beis first time in Sheng Tang Entertainment.

Yue Ze went up to her and said, “Su Bei, many clothing brands have invited you to be their brands ambassador.

But since you dont want to take on long-term work, Ive rejected all of them for you.

But theres a red carpet event tonight that requires your participation.”

“Okay, Ill get ready for it.”

“Its very simple.

Your appearance will be in the middle of the event.

Besides a simple interview with the host, youll also get some photos taken by the reporters present.”


In the evening, Su Bei and Lv Shan went to Sheng Tangs dressing room together.

Lv Shan said, “Most of the artists whore appearing on the red carpet tonight are famous.

The finale will be Gao Jingqiu, an international actress whom Wang Yizhi cant even be compared to.

Hence, therell be a lot of reporters tonight.

Itll help boost your popularity a lot.”

“Then what should I wear”

“Yue Ze has arranged for Sheng Tang to send you a gown from YS.

Itll be here soon.”

Su Bei knew that YS was a big French brand.

It was considered a luxury brand.

Generally, their gowns were worth more than 200,000 yuan each.

Therefore, very few artists would buy the clothes themselves.

They would rely on sponsors or the companys arrangement.

After all, it was too expensive and could not be worn again.

Xiao Lan, one of the staff members from YS, came looking for Su Bei with the evening gown from YS in her hands.

Two women blocked her way.

“An evening gown from YS Who is it for” It was Jian Ping, a famous agent in Sheng Tang.

She was very rude to the ordinary staff member from YS.

She was standing beside Hao Jiali, one of the most famous supermodels.

Jian Ping reached out her hand and flipped the evening gown that Xiao Lan was holding.

It was the latest dress from this year.

It was top-notch and very expensive.

Even in YS, it was considered one of their most expensive gowns.

“Sister Ping, this is for Su Bei.

Shes going to walk on the red carpet tonight,” the staff member from YS, Xiao Lan, said patiently.

Jian Ping and Yue Ze were rivals.

Since Sheng Tang had signed Su Bei, it would directly threaten Hao Jialis resources and status.

Hearing this, Jian Ping was very unhappy.

With Hao Jialis status, it was more appropriate for her to wear such clothes.

Why was it being given to Su Bei


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